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Lil Peep returns with "Come Over When Your Sober, Part 2"

Last week, on the day of his death, the highly anticipated sequel to Lil Peep’s “Come Over When You Sober Part 1” was released. However, to the dismay of his hard core fan base, his new record is far different then his discography which is notably darker and more distinctly Peep. Smokeasac, the producer of both tapes, completed botched this record by going for a more pop sound. The poppy synths only detracts from what made Peep interesting in the first place, by attempting to make his music more accessible to new fans the label has alienated his core base. Will we ever get another Peep record which is anything like his earlier work?

Above is the album artwork of “Come Over When Your Sober Part 2”.

Above is the album artwork of “Come Over When Your Sober Part 2”.

The first track, Broken Smile, is just a re-imagining of a prior Lil Peep track. However, this new version sounds nothing like the original, in a bad way. I would have preferred if Smokeasac just cleaned up the vocals in the original and didn’t change the beat entirely the way he did on this song. If he was alive I wonder if he would have been alright with the pop direction of the tape.

The second track, Runaway, sounds fine, but is at best mediocre - which is difficult for me to say since typically every l Peep song I hear blows me away as exceptional. So, I can’t help but be truly disappointed with this tape and the lack of authentic production by Smokeasac whom must of been extremely pressured by Peep’s label to change his sound. There are no deep and bellowing bass on this record and none of the GothBoiClique tags, which typically appear, are there to add ambiance and character to the song.

By track three, I’m already bored of listing to the tape. Usually Lil Peep songs have my skin crawling, just listen to HellBoy or Crybaby, but these songs just seem too warm and inviting, not dark and melancholy.

The next song “Cry Alone” doesn’t seem like a song Peep would have released, it’s sounds like a throwaway the label picked out of the garbage and tried to polish. While the delivery and tone are familiar Peep, the instrumental is weak and uninteresting. The music video is nice to see, now that he’s passed, and reminiscent of his other VHS videos but it doesn’t make me want to revisit the song or give me any nostalgic feelings, the way Gym Class does, when listening to it.

Above is an iconic photo of Lil Peep prior to his passing.

Above is an iconic photo of Lil Peep prior to his passing.

Now “Leaning” the fifth song on the tape was one of my favorite songs and when I initially heard it I was optimistic the second half of the tape was going to be much better then the first part. However, when I heard the original I was again dismayed at how much better the unreleased version was than the album version. The label must have changed the instrumental since they were after more cash but by sacrificing his lofi sound for a more polished industry record they took the most intriguing quality out of his music.

This is particularly seen in track six, 16 Lines, which is another remake of an original released last year which is arguably Lil Peep’s greatest song ever. While the lyrics and delivery are incredible I can’t help but feel as if people who hear the album version have been utterly deceived. The original is far more powerful and engaging, its tough not to start nodding your head and smoking when the original plays but when I hear the album version I feel nothing.

Track seven is the same story as before. Old song with a new instrumental which doesn’t do justice to the original. The next three songs are throwaways and unmemorable while the last song is his remix with xxxtentacion which is frankly terrible. Of the 13 songs on this tape, half are old songs his real fans will be disappointed with and the others are throwaways his new fans will tire of in the coming weeks. I think Peep wouldn’t have been happy with this record and if someone want’s to get into his music this would not be a good place to start. Instead I would recommend listening to his original work he released while alive as this recent album was just a money grab to cash in on his recent death. And I say this all as one of his earliest supporters.

Album Score: 7.3