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6ix9ine cements himself on "Dummy Boy"

6ix9ine doesn’t even have a million soundcloud followers, like most mainstream artists do, but that isn’t going to stop his meteoric rise. It’s now been a complete day since his album “Dummy Boy” dropped and I expect the album will do serious first week numbers on the charts. He went ten for ten prior to the album, the question now is if will he now go nine-teen for nine-teen (only nine of the songs on the album are new).

The first song starts off great. 6ix9ine brings the energy and the feature from Bobby Shmurda through the telephone is well done, arriving late in the song as a transition between the chorus. My only complaint would be the songs ends quickly. But then again, this is rap, and most rap songs are short.

As soon as “STOOPID” is over, his single “FEFE” with Nicki begins. This song will definitely do serious numbers. On the track 6ix9ine is in the pocket with his flow and I was surprised by the tone and lyricism of Nicki. I’m normally not a fan of but hers but the verse complements 6ix9ine’s persona and cements the song as a club banger. Some people may be disappointed there are lots of features on this project and not enough of 6ix9ine but I think all the features on this tape were appropriate and add, not detract, from the project.

Above is the cover art of 6ix9ine’s recent album “Dummy Boy” which was released 11/27/2018.

Above is the cover art of 6ix9ine’s recent album “Dummy Boy” which was released 11/27/2018.

The third song “TIK TOK” isn’t for me. Lil Baby and 6ix9ine sound alright but it sounds like a filler. Regardless, I’m sure plenty of people are going to love this song. The flow from Baby and 6ix9ine just isn’t for me. Also, plenty of people have already used the aphorism '“Tik Tok” in several songs so I’m going to have to dock him a few points for the cliche.

The pop vibes continue into the fourth track '“KIKA” with Tory Lanez who does an excellent hook on the song. Once his chorus is over, 6ix9ine murders the beat in classic fashion, bringing back his flow from Gummo on the second verse. The outro of the song made me laugh as Tory alludes to the fact they no longer can say “TREYWAY” and instead shouts “it’s fucking Target!”

Now halfway through the tape, the 6icth songs “MAMA” features both Nicki and Kanye. Wow, the flow used by 6ix9ine on this track sounds similar to one the Migos might use - but with a new twist. I wasn’t particularly impressed with Kanye’s verse on this one but Nicki is solid and once again has a stand out verse on this project. Unlike the other songs which are only two minutes and thirty seconds, this song is a full three minutes and ready for the prime time.

The 2nd half of the tape is some of Tekashi’s best work. I don’t like the feature by A Boogie on “WAKA” but having two popping new york city artists on this song is certainly a moment for the city. The next two songs are Spanish pop songs, a genre I don’t know much about, so I won’t review them but they are well produced and 6ix9ine sounds alright on them, However, the songs do come out of nowhere and are a clear departure from the style of the previous songs on the tape. I personally think they should have been on a different project,

Overall, I wouldn’t be surprised if this tape is considered the best album of 2018 as the year comes to a close. 6ix9ine progresses as an artist on this tape, building upon his previous to cement himself in hip hop history as not only an outlandish figure but a talented artist as well.

Album Score: 8.9