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Nedarb starts the new year with "Amity"

Catch me in city but only for the weekend
Shawty actin’ bougie but I know that she a skeezer
Bitch, you goin’ dumb when they hear me in the speakers
Playin’ in the field, used to sittin’ in the bleachers
— Bootychaaain

It’s a brand new year and we thought we’d start it off by reviewing Nedarb Nagrom’s new album “Amity". This time we have a completely curated tape by the infamous artist whose hand was involved in every aspect of the process and his involvement is evident. Amity is the sound of a mature artist, Nedarb, who knows who he wants to work. The tape also features a new tag, “Yo Ned, turn that light down a little bit?”.

The body of work reflects Nedarb’s vision and his discography, it’s complete with atmospheric spacey beats, beautiful simplicity and ambient instrumentals. Nedarb is considered the “AR of the underground” and on this tape he features both well known artists such as HorseHead and Lil Tracy as well as unknown figures like Alice Glass and Bootychaaain, someone I had not heard of prior to this tape. However, Alice Glass slays the interlude and has a distinct style of delivery.

Above is the cover art of “ AMITY ” by Nedarb.

Above is the cover art of “AMITY” by Nedarb.

The album is experimental, one of the last two songs features a remix which go off in an EDM tangent but keeps your attention. In my opinion the tape can be broken up into three separate groupings of songs: alternative rock, trap bangers and experimental musings. The alternative rock songs deliver as Nedarb always does and the trap bangers feature artists such as TrippyJones, whom he worked with on the last project.

Housephone impresses me with his verses on “BGS” and “TRIFLIN”. Nedarb uniquely is able to pull together artists from all corners of the internet and the world to create a melting pot of voices and experiences. The state of the scene is strong.

One of my favorite songs on the tape is “Freak Show” by BootyChain who has been in the game for a while. She stands out with catchy choruses and a particular voice. There are two other women featured on this tape, and LaGoonyChonga and Alice Glass, both of whom are underrated and prove themselves as artists over Nedarb’s production. Alice Glass’s interlude is quite out there and interesting, it’s some of Nedarb’s most experimental production yet. This tape is a balance of old and new sounds and artists exploring untried horizons as well as revisiting the innovative sounds that made him famous.

Album Score: 7.9

Ethan King