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Paqrat emerges with #KILLMODE

Paqrat (pronounced pack-rat) is relatively unknown but he just dropped off his first EP “KillMODE”. The EP is reminiscent of the music coming out of South Florida, featuring minimal production, lyrics about the habitual crime, and the anxiety of drug abuse. This style of music has been successful and popping off, most notably with 6ix9ine and ZillaKami. There is a market for a brand of metal and rap music and Paqrat is an artist blending the styles together in an authentic way.

Above is the cover art of “ #KILLMODE ” by Paqrat.

Above is the cover art of “#KILLMODE” by Paqrat.

The songs on this tape are filled with breaks in the beat, allowing for Paqrat to rap acapella as the 808 comes back, making for an exciting moshpit concert environment. These songs are not changing the script of trap music, they mostly follow the expected format, but they are well put together and make for an enjoyable listen. Since the death of X and the jailing of 6ix9ine the game is wide open - maybe Paqrat will fill the void? This is only his first EP but for a first go this is an admirable effort. His breakthrough may be around the corner.

The songs are short, a characteristic of the punk-rap music movement, barely clocking in over a minute. His voice reminds me of Warhol.ss but I believe Paqrat is a better lyricist and artist.

Paqrat is at his best when the instrumental isn’t loud and he isn’t screaming. He has a soothing mellow voice that is similar to someone like Comethazine but Paqrat has a long way to go before he is on Comethazine or X’s level. However, this tape is an enjoyable listen and may be the beginning of a long career for Paqrat.

Album Score: 6.7