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BLVC SVND is out for blood on "CITY BOY"

I don’t know have no sympathy
i don’t have no empathy
If you keep on fucking with me
I won’t kill you, bitch you’ll bleed
I been in creeping in your dreams
I been creeping on your street
black hoodie, white on me

It’s a new year and we have a new album from BLVC SVND. This man is a one man army of destruction, constantly putting out experimental projects which he mixes, records, writes, and produces himself. It’s quite impressive to see such professionalism in the underground scene. BLVC SVND is proof that to be successful you need to not to just be a rapper, but an artist, capable of producing work which is an expression of their individuality, not just another plug beat with cliche lyrics and delivery.

What separates BLVC SVND from other artists is that he has been working on this sound and cultivating his music for the past few years. He is not new to this, the way many are who attempt to pull off his aesthetic of black clothes and racy lyrics. He has released five complete full-length albums in 2018 and 2019 is starting off well for him with “City Boy” a ten song album.

Above is the cover art of BLVC SVND’s album “ CITY BOY ”.

Above is the cover art of BLVC SVND’s album “CITY BOY”.

There is a mix of phonk and screw on this tape, the first songs feature a sample before BLVC SNVD comes on the track. The instrumentals aren’t are intense as his usual production and are more laid-back. The sample returns as the chorus of the track and highlights BLVC SVND’s ability as both a producer and a rapper.

The songs are filled with dissonance and BLVC SNVD’s lyrics are the central focus. These songs really showcase BLVC SVND as a force in the music scene, no matter which direction he takes his music.

Overall, this tape is a softer version of BLVC SVND then we normally see. On this tape he focuses more on singing and creating melodic hooks. Whether you enjoy his hype tracks or his more experimental sound, BLVC SVND is versatile and capable of providing both.

As a witness to his work ethic and dedication to the music I’m sure we will continue to hear his name and hear from this year.

Album Score: 7.5