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Lil Gotit displays his talent on "Crazy, but it's true"

Lil GotIt

The man is only 19 and already working with the greats

Whoa. I heard this tape when I wasn’t in a good mood and dam, I’m bouncing to this one and feeling better already. People who are sleeping on this guy because they think he is just a Young Thug clone NEED to give this guy a chance. They will be surprised to find GotIt is in his own class and in his own lane. The kid is only nineteen but is clearly the product of the new wave, his vocals are coated in autotune but the effect is subtle and doesn’t overshadow GotIt as he rides the beat. GotIt isn’t alone on this tape either, this tape is filled with interested features from guys I’ve never heard of such as Guap Tarantino and Marlo but all the guest appearances impressed me and show GotIt has an ear for recruiting emerging talent.

The first track starts in a familiar way most rap albums do but Lil GotIt has a smooth delivery that kept me interested to check out the next song. With only thirteen thousand followers on SoundCloud this guy will probably end the year of 2019 as a serious contender for freshman of the year. When the third song, “Now” starts I realized the magic of GotIt, the teenager is a high caliber rapper and singer able to weave in out of unconventional flows who isn’t afraid to embrace his musical roots.

The fourth track features an instrumental with guitars and is an example of how GotIt is still experimenting with his sounds. He isn’t content with sticking with one sound or style. This is a good indication GotIt will be around for a while and not become stale like some of his contemporaries. The guy is obviously staying in the studio consistently and working on perfecting his sound, showing why deserves the spotlight in Atlanta. Even though he has came in behind Gunna and Lil Baby - I think Got It has more potential than them.

The Xans, the Perkies (The Xans)
My words get slurry (My words)
Stuff ’Woods with sherbet (Backwood)
This Wraith got curtains (Uh)
— Lil GotIt

Another standout track on this tape is “Instead”. It’s a classic banger but it sounds like there are three or four rappers on it but there is only GotIt. On tracks like “Pyrex Kid” GotIt shows that he is more than just a club and party rapper but my main criticism of this tape would be the producers aren’t as talented as GotIt. While GotIt clearly hasn’t run out of ideas, the producers certainly have.

I think by far the best song on this tape is “Running Bands” featuring his brother Keed, the beat is demonic and GotIt and Keed absolutely destroy it as they go back and forth singing in high-pitch voices. Watch out for them both, you will definitely hear more about them as they already have co-signs from Thug, Uzi, and even Gary Vaynerchuk who has taken the young artists under his wing.

The guy has so many flows and diffrent cadences it’s hard to pin down Lil GotIt’s sound since it’s all over the place - but in a good way. And the fans seem to agree, the tape has only been out for a week and the tape is already blowing up with over five thousand likes on SoundCloud.

Album Score: 8.2