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Nascar Aloe is taking over

Nascar Aloe, only 19, is taking over and doing so without using any gimmicks, relying solely on his talent and music to get him noticed. His music is considered experimental, known for it’s punk attitude and brash lyrics but Nascar is more then what he appears, some of his most interesting songs are the ones in which he sings like “Idk her” and “Heaven Pt. 2” which display a side of him most listeners probably glance over. These songs perhaps are overlooked because when people come to a Nascar show, infamous for it’s violence and moshing, they are there expecting to see his aggressive hits rather then his slow and crooning ballads.

Just in the past month, his most recent song “SPMO” has exploded and become one of the most popular songs on SoundCloud. His rise is meteoric, just last year he was largely unknown outside of Charlotte and Alabama but now with over four hundred thousand views in under a month, there are few artists on the platform with his level of excitement who also have the ability to command an audience without any major marketing campaign. The ones who were most notable to be able to do this have long since died, X and Peep and while Nascar isn’t like either of them he does share their vulnerability and dedication to the music which is probably why people are so drawn to him.

Nascar is unabashedly himself. While his music comes off as ignorant and intensive, behind his tough exterior is a thoughtful individual seeking to express the rage and frustration pent up inside of him. Raw and unfiltered, he has the sound that everyone in the mainstream is trying to imitate.

Above is the cover art of “Fed Up” by Nascar.

Above is the cover art of “Fed Up” by Nascar.

While people may initially be drawn to his hairstyle, there is far more to Nascar then his interesting style. Unlike plenty other artists emerging Nascar produces and engineers his own music - his music uniquely his own creation without influence from others. When he does rap on other people’s beats his producers are trying to imitate his production rather then contribute their sound. Self proclaiming himself the “New Sid Vicious” Nascar and Sid share the punk aesthetic but are two completely different people, Sid was somewhat of a poser while Nascar is the real thing, a true musician, interested in bettering his music each time he steps to the computer while Sid was more interested in the fame.

I don’t wanna go to heaven anymore, they deny me and they prolly close the door, getting high until the find me on the floor, I felt your love and I can’t help but want some more.”
— Nascar Aloe

Nascar’s music is diverse. Just when you think all he can do is scream he will sing a lovely ballad that makes you have to reconcile the confounding nature of his brain. “Heaven” and “Heaven Pt. 2” are both honest confessions of an artists in pain imbued with palpable emotion and energy, the final distorted chorus at the end of Part 2 turns this song on it’s head and catches listeners off guard who may not be expecting it to take a dark turn. This is what Nascar does best, right when you think you have him figured out his changes.

His songs are honest and clearly indicative of Nascar’s fluid state of mind and personality, while he openly states he “doesn’t like people” music has become a medium for him to draw people towards him who feel the way he does and while he may not “like” them, Nascar is forming a community and center for the punk scene to revolve around.

All of this has been done with only releasing 2 EP’s and 1 compilation tape so I’m sure once Nascar drops an album he is going to the moon. He has managed to get this far organically and all while working with his tight team of producers, vocalists and photographers, unwilling to change his sound to reach an audience which is perhaps why he, unlike others who artificial and authentic, is on his way to becoming on the biggest stars of 2019.