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Saint Tomorrow is redesigning indie

Album cover of the “Yearbook” EP by Saint Tomorrow.

Album cover of the “Yearbook” EP by Saint Tomorrow.

Sometimes it’s not enough to talk about an artist or song. The only way to get other people to believe it’s worth checking out the music is by writing about it. Saint Tomorrow is one of those indie artists, he’s relatively unknown but incredibly talented. He’s from Ireland but his accident is subtle for someone listening from the states. All his songs are self-produced and gorgeous easy listens, usually under two minutes and almost all beginning with a chorus. The music is put under the category of indie but it’s also got a similar sound to someone like Lil Peep and Brendan Savage.

His EP, “Yearbook” is slow, dreamy, and filled with thick reverb. There is nothing uplifting about the music but if played by the listener while alone will probably induce a moment of introspection. Saint Tomorrow’s lyrics are often about the difficulties of getting older and having regrets, one of his songs tell the story of how he missed his friend’s funeral. This hits hard for anyone young and confused by how to react to death.

The main critique and compliment I can give to this tape are the consistency of the songs. Saint Tomorrow has a sense of what people like about his music and he doesn’t try to change what’s working for him. If you like his style, then you will find the tape is exactly what you wanted from him but if you’re looking for Saint Tomorrow to change up his aesthetic or direction then you may get a bit tired of it.

I’m interested to see where he continues to take his music. I appreciate the relaxed approach he takes, these tracks are perfect for an afternoon tea, Sunday cruise, or hanging out in your room late in the night.

His early EP “Park Linear” was released in 2017 but sounds incredibly like his later work, and like I said early if you like his style then you won’t be disappointed by either.