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Zillakami erupts on "German Dogs"

Zillakami is actively on a warpath to take over the nation. This summer he will be touring with SuicideBoy$ alongside Sosmula and I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the star when it’s over. In just under a year Zilla has truly emerged as the leader of Thrashcore and Hardcore rap. 6ix9ine’s music by comparison is the pop version of Zilla and Zilla clearly has no intentions of watering down his style to gain fame the way 6ix did. Zilla has the talent and doesn’t need to compromise himself to attract a following. He doesn’t need to do anything besides contiuning to release great music and even though his recent EP “German Dogs” is only two songs deep but both of them smack and are enough to keep us satisfied - for now.

Above is the cover art of “German Dogs” by ZillaKami.

Above is the cover art of “German Dogs” by ZillaKami.

It’s hard to imagine that these are just throwaways.

The first song “Cunt Face” is classic Zilla - it features a heavy chorus which is sure to stir a mosh pit at any concert. “If your looking for a hero, look the other way” because Zilla makes it obvious in this song that he is only concerned with creating chaos and wreaking havoc. The song is just another knotch under his belt as he continues to cement himself as a leader in the heavy metal rap movement. It features a short verse in which Zilla makes it known that he is the lord of Hell and no one can compete with him either lyrically or physically - he is a force not be messed with. If your a fan of Zilla this song will in rotation for you and you won’t be disappointing and if you haven’t heard his previous work then this song is a great introduction into his catalogue.

The second song, “Countdown” is equally as electrifying as “Cuntface”. These songs capture the essence of metal music, if your angry these songs are perfect for bringing the demon energy out of you. The song is barely even two minutes but the song is entirely a chorus and is sure to cause people to raise hell.

Overall, these two songs are explosive. If you have large speakers from which you can blare these tracks from then watch out as your face might get melted. On “German Dogs” it’s impossible not to recognize Zilla as one of the most exciting voices in metal or rap today.

Score: 8.7