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Kanye is right, sort of

No-one should be laughing at Kanye. And if they are, it’s because there is truth to what he’s saying. Most of the entertainment and new industry is left leaning - who is arguing against this? All it takes is one look at the long line of artists, celebrities, and journalists whom have refused to come to the White House to get a sense of the political tilt. The sad part is if Kanye has been told to shut up and drink the kool-aid, I’m guessing you have been too.

Our democracy is fundamentally broken if those who are leading the country’s culture do not feel safe enough to participate in it’s development. This will leave some of our country’s best minds behind.

When Kanye took to the stage over the weekend on one of America’s most liberal shows, Saturday Night Live, he did what few no other artist was willing to do: stand up for their basic right to think.

There are people of all nationalities, races and creeds whom surely support the President and disagree with Democratic policies yet are too intimidated by their communities to speak up. The democrats would like everyone to be segmented by race, religion, and political affiliation and thinking according to these labels.

It’s not only CNN and MSNBC who continually trash and bully those who disagree with their views - it’s rappers and celebrities as well. They are complicit by association. They don’t want to do anything controversial to make them lose a check.

It’s a 1-2 punch, the media controls those whom are no longer interested in contemporary culture and the celebrities control the emerging youth. When the crowd booed Kanye we shouldn’t have been surprised - these are people whom have imbibed liberalism propaganda not only through the media but from their favorite artists and the educational system as well.

Above is a photo of Kanye West with Lyor Cohen and the CEO of Universal Lucian Grainge.

Above is a photo of Kanye West with Lyor Cohen and the CEO of Universal Lucian Grainge.

When Kanye spoke, he did so for everyone, regardless of race, who has felt bullied into submission by the left for their opinions and views. Kanye and others feel they can’t be upfront and open about their support for Trump because they are worried not only about social backlash but economic sanctions as well. Just look at how the media treats anyone, regardless of race, for supporting Donald Trump - no one is safe from them. Just for speaking one’s mind and saying they support Trump someone can lose their job, whether it be a rapper like Kanye or a temp in an insurance company - the directive comes down from the highest level of the hierarchy: do not disagree with us.

It’s certainly ironic that artists whom actively invoke their right to free speech are so quick to deny Kanye and others their right to be heard. It’s the left, not the right, that has been censoring everyone’s right to free discourse, but for some reason Trump is the one who is considered to be a bigot, racist, and misogynist. Last time I checked, everyone is afraid to walk around with a Make America Great Again hat. Perhaps wearing it now has become the ultimate expression of punk? Most are probably only using negative words to describe Trump because to say anything positive about him is social suicide.

People needed to see Kanye being himself in his MAGA hat because it is a powerful message, a reminder of our country’s diversity of ideas. At it’s most fundamental if an artist cannot fundamentally express himself politically as well as artistically then America’s claim as the most free place on earth is entirely baseless.

Sure, Kanye West like Donald Trump isn’t right all the time. At best, they are sort of on the right track. And you know what, that’s alright. No-one is able to get it right a hundred percent of the time. Aren’t we all just doing guesswork and hoping it works out okay?

Above is a photo of Kanye West wearing his MAGA hat on SNL

Above is a photo of Kanye West wearing his MAGA hat on SNL

There are those out there who are calling his speech a result of his mental illness. Such a statement is truly dreadful - can you seriously call his drive for expression an aspect of mental illness? If so, then our country is more destroyed then I thought. What I saw took bravery, not too many men or women out there would have the courage to stand out as a lone dissenter in a sea of our colleagues, friends, and national media. What I saw was not a mentally ill man. On the contrary, I saw a man thinking clearly about the state of freedom in America. We’re truly in an Orwellian dystonia when having an apparently minority opinion is considered a symptom of mental illness.

The story shouldn’t be that Kanye supports Trump, it should be that SNL ended Kanye’s speech because it didn’t align with their political message. Even worse, as soon as Kanye spoke against their beliefs, they cut him off. This shows the power the Democrats have over our culture, even artists as big as Kanye West will be silenced if they try to disagree with the Democrats. Despite them losing the election, they still have control over many people’s behavior and culture. Their insistence on “politically correct language'“ and “safe spaces” have made it impossible for any free exchange of ideas to take place. Almost literally, they have built a circle around themselves and called anyone who disagreed with them insane.

Our nations artists used to be people celebrated for this individuality and bravery to speak, today our mainstream artists don’t think for themselves. They have other people writing their songs, picking out their clothes, and telling them which party to support in order to draw the biggest crowds. Like politicians, leftists artists don’t care about anything except for how to stay in power and stay relevant.

The state of our politics is the same as our state of art. It has become disinterested in the truth, disinterested in carrying out it’s original intent. As a result, we have artists who put out uninspiring dull art they can play in the club and we have politicians who are more focused on the next election then pushing forward our democracy.

While many say Donald Trump is racist and isn’t a supporter of black communities because of the language he has used to describe Maxine Waters and the countries affected by the travel ban - they are wrong. He is not calling Maxine “dumb” because of the color of the skin, he’s calling her ideas dumb. When Trump calls Islamic countries “shitholes” he isn’t referring to their race, he is referring to their structures of governments.

If the democrats had adopted Kanye’s attitude towards Donald Trump I’m certain Trump would not have had such an easy election. When asked if he would give up on Trump Kanye responded, “I don’t give up on ANYONE”. This attitude of extending an olive branch and trying to mend relations rather than blatantly “resist” would have made the Democrats appear as pragmatic politicians rather than just sour obstructors. Kanye has given us another strategy besides “resistance” to consider, one which may just work in 2024 when he runs for President.