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The Fall of Tekashi69

In recent months, Tekashi has become infamous - but not for his music. When the bombshell of his recent indictment hit on Sunday, music fans were in shock. The joker had finally met his match and he was no longer laughing.

Before the judge, disheveled and agitated, was Tekashi69 who just a few days earlier had proclaimed himself “untouchable”. During his Breakfast Club interview Tekashi alluded to the possibility of the Feds' taking him down but no one, except for the Feds, imagined his fateful day of reckoning would arrive as quickly as yesterday morning.

Above is a photo of Daniel Hernandex, a.k.a “Tekashi69” in court on 11/19.

Above is a photo of Daniel Hernandex, a.k.a “Tekashi69” in court on 11/19.

In the courtroom Tekashi looked calm and collected, his rainbow hair in pigtails as he sat surrounded by his team of lawyers. During the hearing the judge denied him bail despite his lawyer proclaiming Tekashi was willing to surrender his passport and remain on house arrest. After years of dealing with the Justice system, the court has finally grown tired of him.

Chains wrapped around his hands and legs, the man who has taken over the music world has now become a victim of his own hubris. It was only inevitable this was his trajectory but it’s saddening to know his team willingly extorted him and steered him in the wrong direction. If the feds get what they want we wont be hearing from Tekashi again for a very long time, at least now from a microphone.

Before he was indited, many fans and listeners assumed Tekashi was not actually living the “gangsta” life he proclaimed. Now, there is little doubt. However, the fame and attention he garnered from his criminal activity was all in vain - it might of promoted his music but it also put him on the fed’s radar.

Above is a photo of Tekashi69 in court on Sunday, 11/18.

Above is a photo of Tekashi69 in court on Sunday, 11/18.

The charges from the Federal government are no joke. Few people have been successful in a beating a case against the federal government, especially RICO charges. His only escape may be snitching on his team, which will certainly not fare well for him in prison. Earlier this week in an attempt to get ahead of the scandal, Tekashi fired his entire management staff which included the individuals charged. Despite getting rid of the perpetrators in his crew, it may be too little too late. It was only a few weeks ago Tekashi had been put on probation from his charges stemming from a case a few years earlier and the judge only let him go as long Tekashi kept his nose clean. Now, it seems the rapper’s career and freedom is certainly in question.

Several federal organizations worked together on the case and claim Tekashi was the center of the investigation. A day prior to his arrest the FBI placed Tekashi on house arrest after informing him there was a credible threat against his life. With all this controversy and legal issues surrounding Tekashi, he still has an album coming out this Thursday which will probably do quite well.

People who were lukewarm towards Tekashi at least will check out his work, even if only to laugh at his recent stunts and unfortunate circumstance. The title of the album is certainly appropriate considering his recent cases, Tekashi really is a “Dummy Boy” getting what he wants and everything that comes with it. While he awaits the beginning of his trial behind bars, it’s certainly possible he will have another #1 record, except this time from behind bars..