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Lil Peep and Schema Posse: The beginning of the end

Before he was GBC, Lil Peep once repped JGRXXN's infamous and talented "Schema Posse". The group was founded by JGRXXN the youngest producer in Three Six Mafia and included other notable acts such as Ghostmane and Craig Xen. Together they were arguably one of the most hyped and exploding groups, along with RXIDXR KLVN, coming out of the underground. However, while RVIDXR KLVN members such as Xavier Wulf, Purpp, and Denzel were seen as the new face of “modern trap” Schema Posse quietly and quickly had established themselves as “alternative rock” icons. As a united front, both distinctly different groups were rising out of the underground and doing so by resonating with alienated listeners.

JGRXXN, whose real name is Erik Whitley, details the first time he met Peep and their relationship in his tribute song to Peep titled "November 56". Perhaps unlike other industry producers at the time, JGRXXN instantly recognized Lil Peep was destined to become a superstar after only their first conversation. For this, I do give JGRXXN credit. 

Lil Peep in 2016 wearing Palace.

Their conversation over the phone the night of the 5th of November changed both of their lives forever. JGRXXN had now added yet another talented member to the collective and Peep was side by side with contemporary and influencers. Together they agreed, along with a handful of other artists, to support one another and formally create a movement, Schema Posse. As a collective, they would create an incredible career, lifelong friends, and world-changing music. Lil Peep was already beginning to pop before JGRXXN recruited him but his introduction to Schema marked a significant moment for Gus who was now recognized on the world stage alongside his friends and peers.

Everything seemed perfect, perhaps too perfect. Schema Posse was now home to underground's most influential artists and their meteoric rise appeared unstoppable. When JGRXXX, Ghostmane and Lil Peep were interviewed on No Jumper it was monumental not only for their personal careers but for the group. Not only were they separately becoming independently successful but Schema, led by JGRXXN, had become a successful label. Together and individually they were becoming underground legends and the fame was driving them apart.

However, soon after Lil Peep and Ghostmane left the group, each became obviously majorly successful, and Schema dissolved. In JGRXXN's song "November 56" he insinuates this departure from Schema was ultimately the beginning of the end for Peep. No longer surrounded by familiar faces, and suddenly the face of the underground movement, it was almost a matter of time before the fame engulfed the fragile artists. However, his departure from the group allowed him to produce his best music to date - Crybaby and Hellboy. What is even more hard to imagine is Peep created all his music on Garageband but that's a piece for another day. Regardless, the group was instrumental to his development as an artist and was an epic time in the underground scene.