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An Interview with: Mixedmatches

Mixedmatches is a producer and artist currently living in Tampa, Florida. He moved to Florida from Raleigh, North Carolina when he was thirteen. When he moved to Florida, he met his long time collaborator Deliverthecrush and began to be interested in guitar and music. Together, they are the architects of the “future-pop” sound which has begun to take hold of the scene. Now in college, Mixedmatches has produced for SoundCloud legends such as David Shawty, Bbygoyard, and Weiland. In our conversation together, we discussed which upcoming artists he is listening to as well as his views on America’s current political atmosphere.

Hey man, I wanted to start by thanking you for the opportunity to chat. Why don't you introduce yourself for those who are unfamiliar with you and your work.

My names Ed but I go by mixed matches sometimes. Feel free to call me ed tho lol

Sounds good Ed, I'm Seth, so where did you grow up?

I grew up in Raleigh North Carolina but I currently live in Tampa, Florida.

What was it like growing up there?

Really mellow actually, just made a lot of fond childhood memories like just having neighborhood friends and doing kid shit but that was til I was 13 and moved to Florida haha

What was Florida like and how it compare? Is this when you got into music?

Florida was rougher to say the least, I feel like people are more mean down here versus North Carolina but it’s cool cus u take that and u grow as a person but yeah I definitely got into music when I was in Florida I used to play guitar but that was just for fun I didn’t start making songs until I went to Florida.

Above is a song by Taylor Morgan titled" “ Deep end ” featuring Fantasy Camp and Mixedmatches.

Above is a song by Taylor Morgan titled" “Deep end” featuring Fantasy Camp and Mixedmatches.

You moved to Florida to start high school? How was that transition in terms of your friends and school environment?

I came to Florida from 8th grade til now and ima come clean it sucked the transition was not a good one and I was definitely a bit of a weirdo in school, like not weird weird or anything but my sense of humor was just goofy and I would just be either in my own world chillen or explosive as hell cause I would take adderal for school and some days I just didn’t and was too much.

I hear that, so when you were in school what interested you? How were your songs received, were your parents supportive of your music?

I was interested in history and English a lot in high school I always liked reading poetry but I was in engineering classes for the most part so I saw a bunch of math and science. Don’t know why but just was I guess and I actually never showed my parent my music and they just recently found that I make it and as far as I’d say I’d suppose they’re supportive of it, as long as they don’t hate me for making it I’m cool tbh hahaha

How about your friends, are they supportive? And how old are you my friend.

I’m 22 right now and my friends are really supportive my best friend deliverthecrush is the one who gave me my second wind with music tbh like when I met him and he showed me how to actually make a beat is when I started to take it more serious and started to make music that I like, I don’t have many friends for personal reasons but the ones I do have are supportive and I appreciate them greatly.

Above is a song by Mixedmatches titled “ Moon ” produced by himself and distance decay.

Above is a song by Mixedmatches titled “Moon” produced by himself and distance decay.

How did you and Deliverthecrush meet and tell me about the time before the second wind - you were taking a break?

We met at a job hahahaha on some real life shit for real man we both don’t work there anymore but shit was fun at the time and kinda I used to make music w local ppl and it sucked and I was just trying to find my sound I suppose still haven’t found it but we getting closer. But before him I wouldn’t send beats out I wouldn’t use right sound and I just wasn’t hip to shit my beats still suck to an extent but sometimes I clean up nice lol

Do you work anywhere now or are you just SoundCloud juugin?

Just SoundCloud juugin and going to college, prefer not to answer those questions tho

Your going to college? What year are you in? How is it going.

Prefer not to answer lol I’m just weird about real life questions I’m going to college shit is ass but it’s cool at the same time. Grateful I’m able to go to it.

Yea I just graduated in may actually, I can empathize with how you feel about it.

No yeah school is a weird topic makes me hella depressed makes me hella happy sometimes it is what it is I guess.

I've noticed you've worked with bbygoyard, David shawty and Welland, can you tell me about working with each artist and your process for production?

I’ve been listening to kero kero bonitos new album a lot I really like that one, yves tumors new album is also great, a good amount of Sheck Wes but I also listen a lot to the ppl I produce for and also friends like David, weiland, Shannon, jabril2k, vision4k, Kevin Kazi and etc. My process when producing for other people is really scatterbrained, it usually just consists of just trying shit and hoping it sticks.

But working w them is fun cus the songs come out great and that’s really all that matters to me, making beats is a lot different than making songs for me cus they’re two whole different styles I feel, while there are similarities and things that fall in line w one another I put myself in a mindset of just having blind fun kinda. Making beats for other people is a very stress free thing cause they come faster than making songs and even if they don’t use them the beats will sound good I like them and will occasionally play them in my free time and enjoy them.

The creative process is a very goofy thing to me but it’s fucked when I gotta do it for myself

Well said, so what do you think of Kanyes recent SNL appearance? And who are some artists you would like to have on your beats besides the ones who have already featured?

With the Kanye shit I just thought that was hilarious n just too goofy but that’s Kanye I guess, and some artists I’d like to see on some of my beats r probably Ronsocold, Duwap kaine, candy paint and idk I’d say Tracy but that’s a long shot for me considering my sound lol, rewindraps is hard too.

For sure I think it can happen, are you a political person? What have you thought about the past 2 years in America and what aspect of our culture do you think needs to be changed

Above is the song titled “ Lovespell ” by David Shawty featuring Mixedmatches.

Above is the song titled “Lovespell” by David Shawty featuring Mixedmatches.

I’m not a political person at all but I think Donald trump is a terrible person and not surprised this country put him in office lol and as far as the culture idk I feel like things would be better if people were more open to each other and just didn’t try to offend for the sake of offending, their are still cultures and genders that are oppressed and I think that’s just the stupidest think ever consider we all eat the same, we drink the same and we all breathe the same, I feel like I shouldn’t have to be saying this cause I feel like it’s just known across the board but that’s the world we live in. I don’t try to think to much and it ends up being a gift and curse haha

So are you into weed at all? What's your vice of choice?

I don’t like weed to much but I have adhd so I take adderall a good amount but I also like drinking a good bit too.

Is the artistic life lonely? What do you dislike about the art world?

The artistic life can be lonely but that doesn’t necessarily mean it always is, its better when it’s cooperative imo, but what I dislike about it is conflict like I really just don’t want to be not cool with someone and have to sacrifice making something cool because of it, regardless I don’t like conflict and I don’t want to be in a bad spot w someone but when the music suffers from it it’s like double as bad idk

That makes sense, what would you say has been the most amazing moment you have experienced so far as an artist?

A fan sent me a message that was more like a letter and it was just extremely sincere he was talking about how my music helped his insomnia and how he showed his family and really just appreciated the stuff I’ve made this far. That Made me teary eyed and made me wanna do this more.

How so you define "happiness"? What does happy means to you? What would satisfaction in the music game be?

Happiness is a touchy subject. Satisfaction in music would be giving others what I was given thru music, not monetary or physically but just the joy hearing something and falling in love with it

How do you want to be remembered? and if there anything you want to say before we finish up man, go for it.

To put it short hopefully i'll be remembered fondly rather than negatively lol. whether i be remembered for music or for just being myself i really wish that the memories that i leave with just be good ones and thats it. thank u to the people that listen to my music, thanks to distance decay, ric and ginseng and thank you to my friends deliver and finn, i know im not the greatest at times but thanks for sticking around. love you! also thanks to my family