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An Interview with: Bzkt.

Bzkt is an experimental producer, vocalist and composer whose music incorporates elements of lo-fi hiphop, 90’s rap, and modern trap. Bzkt’s music uniquely appeals to music fans of all genres, whether it’s his poetic lyrics, boom bap beats there is something for everyone in his tracks. Unlike most contemporary rappers, Bzkt has been a fixture in the game for a few years now, his ambient production and ear for nostalgic sounds has led to producing for artists such as Kamadi, Nasty, and Chester Watson. His songs go against your expectations of the current rap scene, they are socially conscious and poetically complex. There is nothing ignorant or mindless about his composition, they are canvases for his emotion and pain. Bzkt’s songs are able to be enjoyed by all ages as well, you don’t have to be a new head or old head to appreciate the elegance of his velvety flows and beats. Bzkt and others are restoring the artistry of rap music while progressing the genre past it’s roots.

What is your name, and where did you grow up?

My names bzkt. pronounced just like "biscuit", I also go by lil bloodbath and scotty2hotty, a whole bunch of dumbass names I need to chill off names to be honest, but I grew up in Federal Way, Washington.

What was it like growing up where you lived? Did you move around alot of, if so where? And did the change of environment effect your musical process or life in general?

federal way was rough as hell for the most part, Id say tacoma and federal way is where shit pop off at in washington, but just like any other fucked up place theres certain areas that are rough. I was exposed to a lot at a young age and my mom and I moved frequently, from shelter to shelter house to house, I probably went to like 12 elementary schools. but I really didn’t start music til after I graduated high school. I always tried to put my life in my music because I do have a story different from most rappers

Did you like school? Were you interested in the arts as a kid growing up?

I fucking hated school. I was the class clown in AP classes. only black dude in AP classes too. I didn’t really fuck with many people because I didn’t like people to know a lot about me because high school is a fucked up place already aha, but all I did in school was art, I took graphic design and drawing. And thats why i like to do my own album artwork because it gives me more freedom to be creative as possible

Which people in your life, whether musically or just in general, have influenced you and pushed you forward?

you know what I didn’t really look up to people musically I was into artist and movie directors more like basquiat and tim burton ya know. but with music I get heavily influenced by alternative music like nirvana, surf curse, acid ghost, mac demarco and blonde tongues. I listen to a lot of rap so i can’t name artist that influence me, I appreciate every bodies music because I know that what there making isn’t pressuring me to make what there making and say the same things there saying.

Did your parents support your music or do they know about your music?

Above is a photo of BZKT from his soundcloud.

Above is a photo of BZKT from his soundcloud.

my mom tried to support my music but you know how moms are aha, I don’t fuck with my dad AT ALL. But I remember when I first started making beats and he stopped by to visit me, I was working on a beat and I showed him and he told me to stop doing music. And thats just one of the reasons why I don’t fuck with him. My mom always motivated me to keep doing it, she would even pop in my room and kick a freestyle to whatever beat I was working on and Id be like mom stop aha

When you were first getting started how did you start promoting or pushing your music?

when I first started pushing music out all I had was soundcloud and bandcamp. i didn’t even know what I was doing I was just making shit and sharing to whoever wanted to listen to it ya know. thats where we are out now, the internet is so powerful but yet so destructive, but people are aware of everything through the internet and social media and all that dumb shit

How long have you been involved or interested in Lo-Fi music?

i been doing lofi shit for like 4 yrs now, I definitely built my own sound too off of it, but I like to switch things up every now and then

When did you start producing your own music? Did you start rapping or writing first?

I started producing my own music around 2016, thats when I started rapping too, I dropped we are all fucked that year. But I started rapping before producing, I honestly just started making beats out of boredom and to have something to do by then it just became natural to me and helped me cope w my depression and shit.

Are you a religious or spiritual person? Do you believe in life after death?

definitely not religious, I don’t believe in shit. I don’t believe theres life after this either, just make the best of it while ur here aha. you know what I believe in the universe tho if that makes sense because we are all apart of it.

Are you a political person? What do you think of the upcoming midterm elections?

fuck politics. our future is fucked, deadass. Donald trumps a bitch. I aint never voted because I don’t fuck with america like that right now. This shit sad as hell. so much racism going on just from trump being elected.

Your music reminds me of a modern collage of MF Doom and "trap music", how do you approach your music?

thats literally the best way to put music to be honest, I literally just go in my room and let the creativity flow. I hate being bothered when I’m in the zone too because its hard for me to get that energy back ya know.

What are your opinions of traditional music media platforms like WHHH and No Jumper? Are they improving the culture or negatively effecting it?

they both started off cool but you know what happens when everybody dick rides a new wave, it gets saturated then it gets meaningless and then it gets forgotten. I don’t pay attention to those platforms. theres gonna be many other platforms after them.

Who are some contemporary rapper/producers/engineers you are listening too, would like to work with, or generally admire?

man s/o my bro grimm doza off tops, he’s been killing it, I fuck with digital nas too, oh and that boy JPEGMAFIA.  tbh those are the only I can think of that I be bumpin. Theres too many damn producers that sound alike aha

What are some of your favorite clothing lines or brands? How do you view fashion/style?

Im really not into fashion like that, I just wear what I like. Im broke af right now so I be wearing da same shit foreal. there just clothes. Don’t get it fucked up tho I’ll pull ah fuckboi bitch in this distressed nirvana t shirt aha

What are your views on the current music scene and the "trap" scene's emergence into the mainstream?

everybody in the mainstream killing it tbh, I listen sometimes but not too much. I even out underground/mainstream listening wise so I know what these muhfuckahs talkin bout. like i said there music doesn’t effect the way I make music so I’m all ears but I’m quicker to turn dat shit right off if its trash. I will say I don’t like how rappers are blowing up off of videos of them being ignorant instead of them dropping music. that shits so weird to me. Nobody knows how to actually listen to music nowadays, especially rap.

Do you think we as a culture are progressing or degenerating? 

I think we are doing both, because just as much dumb shit that gets attention theres definitely positive shit that gets attention as well. but people are stupid we just live in a generation where we are all given the same things so its difficult  or intimidating to do something different and out of the norm but Im the type of person to say fuck that and try to be different as possible, I fall victim sometimes Im not perfect but I know I’m not an idiot or a follower.

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