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An Interview with: Vision4k

Vision4k is a a young teenager making strides in the underground scene poised for a massive 2019. Currently a resident of Houston, his music has spread around the world thanks to the power of the internet. The democratizing technology has allowed him to collaborate with artists such as Ginseng, Kevin Kazi, and Eris. Growing up he was always interested in music, receiving his first guitar at ten. Since then, he has experimented with production and songwriting, garnering a significant following on SoundCloud as a producer and singer. Initially he was intent on joining a band but once he discovered hip hop - he never turned back. Vision4k is a mad scientist, fusing together elements of alternative rock and classical vapor-wave into a new bubbling genre. His passion for the music has paid dividends. Now in college, pursuing his music and his studies, Vision4k is on his way to achieving his dreams.

What's your real name and stage name and is their a story behind how you choose your name?

I just go by vision (want to keep my full name a secret for now) but there’s no deep meaning behind my name, I just thought it looked nice on paper

I completely understand, so how old are you and where are you generally living?

I’m 19 and I currently live in Houston Texas. I plan on moving sometime next year though.

Have you always lived in Houston? What is Houston like to live in?

Yes, i've lived here all my life, theres not much to it to be honest, it's just a really diverse city. I don't really explore it often but i do know there's a lot going on in the city.

Growing up were you always interested in music?

Yeah ever since i was a kid music was the only thing i really gave my all into.

So who when you were a kid young how old were you when you got your first instrument? Who were some of your early influences that inspired you to pick up music?

i think i was 10 when i got my first guitar, ever since then ive been playing it, its like therapeutic to me in a way. some of my early inspirations were billy corgan  and trent reznor. if i hadn't heard any of their stuff i dont think i would be making any music right now.

When you got your first guitar did you start learning to produce or were your more interested in joining a band? What were your initial musical ambitions?

I wanted to join a band very badly growing up especially knowing how to play guitar but i was later thoroughly introduced into hiphop, ever since then i was really invested in producing.

What was it about hip hop production that attracted you towards it rather than pursue a band? When was this as well

Above is the only photo of Vision4k on his twitter.

Above is the only photo of Vision4k on his twitter.

This was around when i turned 14 or 15, i discovered yung lean and bladee and the production just took me away. whitearmor and gud were my biggest inspirations when it came to making beats. Those two made me wanna start producing

What attracts you to their production and do they still influence you today or have you moved on?

Nah I definitely haven’t moved on from them at all, I still use some elements of what they do in their sound and they have affected my best selection drastically. I tend to always think of them when making beats or just music in general

What was high school like for you and what has post high school life been like?

High school was really rough, I was picked on a lot throughout and ever since then I kinda been really self conscious. I’ve been better after though

Man that sucks. If you don't mind me asking, why were you picked on? How did you overcome it and your self consciousness?

Usually it'll be my looks or the way i talked or what i listened to at that time, to be honest i never really overcame it cause i just ignored it most of the time but it took a toll on me mentally cause i never really looked at myself the same ever since

Kiids are brutal torwards each other, how would your describe your fashion and how were you talking that made you stand out? How long has it been since the bullying? Do you think bullying is common in most highschools?

Hmm I dressed like a skater when I was in high school so I always wore stuff like work pants and converse and vans and stuff like that, I used to thrift a lot but most of the kids I went to school with dressed like hicks and jocks or whatever so I looked weird to them I guess. I was being messed with for a while, probably since JHS all the way to about the end of HS, it’s definitely more common, now I think it’s just turning into different ways of bullying

Do you think its odd that what you were teased for is now considered mainstream to wear and is common fashion, so you think cyber bullying has actually led to an increase in bullying? Since now there is no "safe place" away from school to escape the bullying?

I think it’s insanely odd but I wasn’t surprised at all, it happens all the time it seems like in any generation, and I do agree that cyberbullying can contribute to the bullying issue we have nowadays cause most of us younger people are on social media a lot more so we get invested in it, so it’s easy to get your feelings hurt online now.

I am in school but recently took a break for a semester

That's interesting man, so what made you want to go to college and what motivated you to take a break this semester?

my dad is the one who kinda made me go to college to be honest, i really don't have any motivation to do it but it's a good excuse to get out out of the house, i took a break to kinda focus on music a little more cause things are getting a bit serious

Yea college is quite a time, what are your thoughts on it? And when did things become in your mind to the point where you had to take time to put your all into the music?

i dont mind college, it's really the work that makes me wanna drop cause i have a growing music career and i want to put more time in that but i never have the time to cause of school work. It was around the summer where i made the decision to really focus on music and get myself to where i need to be in this scene

How do you define success? How would you define that success in terms of what your looking ahead towards? I support your ambitions.

I would just want to be in a place where I can truly live off music and have a really solid fan base, that’s all I’ve ever dreamed of in music, to make something I enjoy doing a job, i wanna know what it feels like to be able to tour and to make money from a hobby, that to me is success, turning something you love into something even bigger.