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An Interview with: Blacklunged

Below is an interview with the producer and artist ✧blacklunged✧. Not only is he a great musician but the young man is a talented and aspiring writer. In our conversation we learned more about his come up and what influences him to create every day.  Overall, ✧blacklunged✧ was an engaging person to speak with and over the coming months I'm sure we will continue to hear his name. 

hey man are you available for an interview?

yeah man!

awesome man lemme know when you got like 15 minutes and w can get started on the questions :)

shit homie let's run it up rn

awesome man lets get it, so man, where are you from and how did you get into this shit? what inspired you to get into producing?

I'm from Ottawa County Michigan! I started listening to $b and GBC in 2016 and new about this online studio called audio tool I used in middle school to make Skrillex type shit and just started making beats.

it started popping as soon as me and yesterday made while the rain drops.

damn bro that's lits, can you tell me more about you and yesterdays relationship and how you guys know each other? specifically the "over it" tape?

I hit him up thru SoundCloud and told him I fucked with him heavy and asked if I could send a beat, and that became while the rain drops. that shit hit 100k on youtube in like a month and i didn't even know lmao. i messaged him when i found out and i was so geeked. we didn't really talk much but then he kept dropping more fire. I talked to him again and a couple weeks before Christmas, i proposed an ep. we linked up bro like we got this goofy ass connection, we both electric as fuck we always hype. i love that about him. we were gonna drop the ep on Christmas and then postponed it to new years and it ended up being dropped around February i think, i'm not sure. that bitch popped off! people started hitting me up specifically about the tape and so many people that know blacklunged know me cause of yesterday and i can't even begin to explain how grateful i am for that homie. he's the fucking king man, he's my big brother no doubt. definitely expect more blacklunged x yesterday.


Above is the cover art of a song by✧ blacklunged✧ titled "disgrace" featuring madi marie.

Above is the cover art of a song by✧ blacklunged✧ titled "disgrace" featuring madi marie.

Sounds like it a crazy time, to just meet on the internet and instantly connect and make great art together. Did you ever think you would become an artist? what is driving you to create?

i've always wanted to be a rockstar man. that's been my plan since i could learn to understand what music really was. what really drives me to continue this is making people feel the vibes i feel when i hear my favorite songs. i wanna give the world goosebumps, i want people to relate. i wanna share my fucked up story with people in hopes there's others like me, and if not, i guess i'm the fucking king of what i've been through

yo man i feel that, in my opinion art is a medium for communication, a way to express one's emotions and experiences - so who is giving goosebumps these days musically? who else besides yesterday do you see driving th scene?

ooo a lot of people rn. definitely smokepurpp. he's the shit man. yung skah/bromaz for sure, my angel hm.wav, this artist by the name of 2xU, and shit a lot of people.

Me too, Smokepurpp makes bangers, so besides music what else do you like to do? Is there any other art you enjoy making?

i write so much. i'm fr writing a book right now about my hometown grand haven, michigan. it's right on lake michigan! i handpaint, and play guitar and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Sounds like we have a lot in common, I just graduated with a degree in English myself - if you don't mind me asking, what is your book about? I can't wait to read it.

it's about all the shit i was doin when i was a little punk haha. bunch of crazy shit, i was on probation, lost a girlfriend to suicide, i did graffiti and smoked mad mid lmao. but speakin of yesterday him and i got a song comin out next week!

Thanks for this interview it's been really enlightening to learn about you as a person and artist and I look forward to seeing your stuff in the future :) is there anything else you want to share with readers?

of course brother!! hit me with some music soon we'll kick it :) but ayy watch out for blacklunged cause he movin fast almost angelic on the come up without a doubt

To listen to blacklunged and his music please visit: https://soundcloud.com/blacklunged/