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An Interview with: Jimmy V

Jimmy V is a creative artist, writer, and painter who has made a name for himself the past few years in the scene with his numerous features, enigmatic tone and confounding aesthetic. In a world of clones Jimmy's work stands out from the rest as avant-garde and illusive.  I was drawn Jimmy V's ominous personality and honesty. What I admire most about him is that he has not compromised his vision for the sake of popularity. This thread of originality runs through his work and in the words he shared with me. 

So, tell me man, where did you grow up and where are living now?

im from ny but im living in texas right now.

word, how was growing up in NY? Was it a culture shock moving to Texas from NY?

Nah i moved around alot so it wasnt that bad, NY is rough you already know smh love it but fuck it. I moved from ny to denver to broward back to denver to north texas to long beach then to texas again

Dam, I feel you, so how did moving around effect you and your artistic perceptions? Also - how old are you?

yeah real lucid moments of extroversion and introversion, just where i lived kinda reflected different music. I'm at least 2,000, I stopped counting after the 3rd era.

Of course, so can you tell me more about your songs and the state of mind your in as a creator?

im not as interesting as everyone else my "art mind" comes from a very weird place very weird influences alot of magic talk of energy exchanges content creation and ideals of being a vessel

hmm what are your thoughts on lucid dreaming then? what do you consider magic?

i cant say to much cause im bound but the interzone takes care of its own.

generally speaking then, what do you consider art to be and it's purpose? does art even have a purpose - what are your thoughts?

i dropped out of art school because a degree cant teach you how to be a creative or how to harness (your energy) in order to express yourself, art to me is so many things its all about the observation and what u want to define life might not have a purpose and art prolly doesnt either but we can use them in correlation to feel important for a little.

Above is a photo of Jimmy V in his music video "See you on the side" produced by Curtis Heron.

Above is a photo of Jimmy V in his music video "See you on the side" produced by Curtis Heron.

I fully agree with you, I have more questions, what are your thoughts on the music scene? who do you consider to be your friends/collaborators? are you still involved with anti-world/sesh?

i dont wanna say too much but the current music scene is beautiful its in this phoenix process im just waiting for it to die and be reborn again, death and end can be a very beautiful thing, the current standard and trends are going to change passing of the guard itll be interesting to see who fights the nature of it and whos ready for a new version of this scene again

i have too many friends in this shit but group wise im in anti world thats my family sesh is all of my best friends, dreamside is ego mackeys family disaster club the dream team shizuka dive the board of directors

thats a very interesting analogy man, and sounds dope seems like you've really been able to connect with alot of great artists - do you have any other interests besides music? any other forms of art or other general interests?

Man, music is a by-product of the art storm im caught up in, i write short stories books i paint pretty much try to express my self, art pretty much my only interest in life sadly

i say sadly because i see people have passion quests for love, material things whatever the case may be i only find any fulfillment through art

I feel you man, in my opinion art lens for viewing and reflecting the world, a way of making sense of the madness of reality, on the topics of love - what do you think about our "tinder" and "instagram model" generation, do you believe loving human relationships have been degraded or have they become more accessible in the digital world?

i believe we forsaken love way before that, i believe love is a feeling not a person, relationships are very disposable now its interesting

indeed, i wonder if the way we've treated the feeling of "love", and people, as disposable is reflected our society's approach to art - in short, if people treat others as disposable and do they then treat the art as disposable, what do you think?

end justify the means, if u wanna date goth jackie u gotta drop a ep buy a feature etc. Its done to make the outfit complete, everything is disposable.

hmm, I think your right, my bad for talking so much, is there anything else you want to share or speak of?

ur fine ur fine, new music soon! always!

To listen to Jimmy V you can find a link to his music here: https://soundcloud.com/cats-kill