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An Interview with: 909Memphis

If you don't know about 909Memphis by now - your screwed up. 909Memphis has been an auteur of the SoundCloud scene for the past year and it's been incredible to watch his rise. Both a skilled producer and lyricist his music expresses the emotions of generation's youth: women, insecurity,  and the effects of our technological age. Alongside his best friend and producer Og-abi, Memphis has fundamentally articulated the emotions of our time and perfectly encapsulated them within his atmospheric soundscape. 

How did you and Og-abi link?

i used to be a huge fanboy of abi, i hit him up asking to show me how to make beats and since then we've been best friends

Yea, everything been fire. How would you describe your sound? what is your recording process like? is it different than your production process?

i'd describe my sound in three words..

atmospheric, emotional, and melodic. Id say my production runs along the same lines.

when it comes to writing songs, I freestyle off the top off my head. remembering lyrics off tops isn't that hard for me. took me time to develop those skills though.

That’s a pretty crazy process, what song of yours means the most to you? is there anyone in particular that stands out to you?

I got a song that is unreleased that you may see this week called "imagine", it definitely stands out to me. (imagine is now out)

Pure spirit as well, very emotional songs that came from the heart and they both happened so smoothly and natural, im excited to see how imagine does when i drop it

I can totally see that - that shit's gonna be next level, so what does the title refer too? the emotion and honesty of your music sets it apart from the rest, how does your personal life outside of music affect your creative process?

just refers to your thoughts, and how your thoughts can manifest and can actually happen. shit happened to me and a girl fucked me up

my creative process usually reflects how i'm feeling emotionally. if i feel like finessin girls etc ill talk about my money, clothes, and all the things i want.

if im sad, ill talk about someone who hurt me or sumn idk its weird

I feel you man, a girl fucked me up too and I've never forgotten about it, if you don't mind me asking - how do you think women have affected your music/sound?

I think women have affected my music in a way in which it gives me a reason to write and create music.

Not many people wanna sit there and listen to what you got goin on emotionally all the time. So writing music gives me purpose when it’s about women. You love and hate em.

In my opinion all art is in some way influenced by the feelings of women and love, it is the predominant part of the human condition, I think regardless of decade the theme of women and heartbreak is a common theme, so do you think our generation is particularly depressed or affected by anxiety due to social media and our technological dependence?

I've noticed in college sometimes when people walk into a room they don't even introduce themselves anymore...do you notice the same thing?

I think that our generation is very focused on what other people think of us. Everyone in some shape or form wants some type of attention.. whether it be on social media.. or at functions.

You see girls flaunting every part of them for some likes. Our generation seems very insecure like we try to prove ourselves to others

I’ve definitely seen people at my own college parties just walk in without introducing themselves .. the morals that kids our age have today don’t match the ethical standard of what people expected in the past.

I agree with you, I just can't help but think that the technological world we are living in has changed our moral standards, do you think this change is for the better or worse? on the topic of Instagram - I've been thinking about this a lot as well, do you think women are in some way denigrating the feminist movement by searching for attention on social media or is this just the way thing are now? I think you're on point by mentioning our generation's insecurity, how do you think we can overcome this feeling?

I think technology is good for the transformation of efficiency and how fast people are able to communicate, work, etc.. but in terms of social aspects, it definitely hinders how humans interact. It ruins relationships, it ruins the natural aspect of mingling with others, and it’s like you already know someone based off of their social media page. Tbh idk if we’re gonna get over this stage. The internet only continues to grow, peoples self-worth continues to develop off the opinions of others

Above is a photo of 909Memphis from his Instagram page.

Above is a photo of 909Memphis from his Instagram page.

So we've lost some of our humanity for technology perhaps - but as you mentioned we are also able to make music and work independently, so it's a difficult trade-off, can art save us potentially? It feels like the only realm which can't be corrupted. On another note as well, what are your thoughts on fraternity and sorority culture? do they perpetuate the problems we've discussed due to their insecurity?

I think music and art only appeal to a certain audience or group of people.. not many people I’m surrounded by enjoying the idea of SoundCloud.. rap music.. they believe it’s a joke. Greek culture and college can be a good thing and a bad thing.. in terms of networking.. knowing people.. bonding etc.. But I personally believe people join Greek life to really feel as if they do have a place where they “fit in” regardless.. I don’t think people are insecure so that’s why they join those organizations. But I think it’s just a place for them to say.. “I’m a part of this group” etc

I think that Greek like shit is hella lame tho tbh. Over expensive, fake friendships, it’s gay lol

lmao I hear ya, I just graduated and I know you're still in school so I was just curious, so why do you think people still think SoundCloud is a joke when it's a reflection of our youth? it seem's like when people put the scene down they are clowning themselves.

Well, like I said it’s appealing to a certain type of person.

I go to school with a bunch of privileged white boys who love country and bud light.

So that’s the only reason why I feel so strongly about people clowning the scene.

They just don’t understand it.

They’re programmed to wear vineyard vines and Sherry’s.

Man, your on point. I personally was influenced by artists from our generation like peep and others to pursue my own interests, be my own individuals, but it seems many people don't want to take the risk to know themselves because perhaps were afraid of what we might discover, so have you ever traveled outside the US?

also - imagine is a great song, I can really feel where you're coming from, I think some people lack imagination and don't want to imagine themselves as something more, what's in store for you musically this summer? any projects in the works? I think your really in control of your sound right now.

Yeh, I was born and London and lived there for years. Plan on going back soon.

And I'm just going with the flow. Expect a lot of singles.

I enjoyed my time in the UK too, so - a bit of a random question, but do you follow cryptocurrency at all? I and the other writers here at DWI have been following it for a while and see it linked to the SoundCloud rap scene, any thoughts on it?

I think the youth movement of SoundCloud and the youthful embrace of cryptos/blockchain might be connected..but I was curious what you might think?

What do you think our generation cares about economically? which sectors do you think will become more popular as time goes on and which may be hurt as we gain money and societal influence?

Idk I don’t fw crypto currency it’s a weird thing.

Idk what to say about it.

I think that our generation rn cares more about clothes and appearance, especially a lot of artists on the internet. I never really buy expensive brands because I’m tryna set a foundation for my life so when my family stops supporting me I’ll be okay.

No worries, which artists are you listening to a lot these days? what brands do you see on the come up? I've personally been a fan of Dertbag.

I be listening to myself, Kevin Kazi, Post Malone, Comethazine, Rocky, etc

And like I said I don’t be paying attention to brands like that. I try not to put myself where I know I’ll spend bread.

I hear you homie and yea so how would you describe your fashion style or interest?

Athletic, smooth, careless.

You can find 909Mephis's SoundCloud here: https://soundcloud.com/memphiszb

909Memphis's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mxmphy/