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An Interview with: BVLLVH

BVLLVH defines what it means to be an artist in the digital age. While listening to BVLLVH every second is dynamic and unexpecting as he draws us closer into the chaotic world of the internet. What we are left with is orchestral and angelic. His work reminds me of a collage of 100 tabs, a reflection of our generation's boundless artistic wandering and the desire to push the frontier.

Where are you from and how old are you? how long have you been making music?

I was born in Queens, New York, but I have honestly moved a lot in my life. I currently live in Minnesota but in a few days, I’m going to be living in Florida. I have honestly lived in New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, Montana, Minnesota, and now officially moving to Florida. My family enjoys moving.

 I have been making music for a long time. I started by trying to learn the piano by ear.

I got a guitar when I was little and use to jam out on that all the time.

But the instrument that really caught my interest was the drums, I have been playing those for about 8 years but stopped once I started really getting into producing

I have been producing for a solid 3 years now. And still learning new things every moment.

Which was your favorite state to live in? how does living in different places affect your music?

My favorite place that I lived in would have to be Colorado for sure. That was where it all started for me with producing. Life was super chill there and I also lived there the longest as well. But living in different places didn’t really affect my music, or maybe it did. Ever since I was little, I would always be looking for new art or music on the internet. Like the internet really opened the doors to so many genres and sub-genres that I had not even known existed. As cliche as this sounds, I was never really impressed by music I heard outside the internet. Except for 2004-2008 radio club music. That was the best era for radio music in my opinion, because of how diverse the sounds were.

How would you describe your music? "feelsoalone" really hits me as atmospheric. I enjoy how you add your own vocals in as well, do you enjoy vocals as much as producing? which is more of your interest do you think?

Which programs do you like to use for producing as well?

I would describe my music as being “e-club music” ( I made that up). I really aim to make my music something people can listen to in all scenarios though and I’m still working on perfecting my sound overall, this is only the infancy stage of it haha. But I really enjoy the ambient-type sound that I have been working with lately.

The whole concept of “e-club” is just making that internet sound that everyone can really enjoy when they are doing whatever. Whether it’s chilling in there room shopping online or dancing at a party. Like I want my sound to cater to everyone and every situation if that makes sense.

And doing vocals is so fun. I’m glad I started when I did. I always had a vision to do vocals in my music, but I wanted to do the right way. Where people don’t start thinking I’m a rapper or something (it happens anyways haha)

But I enjoy producing just as much as I enjoy doing vocals.

I really just treat my vocals as another instrument in my music. And if I’m doing them, I feel most comfortable on my own production, though there are some features I have done that are out there.

The programs I use to produce are FL10 & FL12. But I prefer FL10, the format way nicer and simpler for me to use. I’m too use to 10 to move onto 12. But eventually, I’ll probably get FL20 since that’s out now.

Your outlook comes through in your music, so how is your summer going? how do you view 2018 as a whole? overall positive?

Thanks, man! And my summer has been too crazy haha. I’m moving to Florida soon and I left school, but I’ve been way more focused with music lately. So I can’t complain. And 2018 is just a wild year so far. It feels like a crazier version of 2014. There’s been a lot of ups about it, so I’m gonna say it’s positive overall. I feel like everyone is learning and experimenting so much. I’m loving all the art and music that’s coming out right now. I’m really trying to make the best out of this year. Especially since it’s nearing the end of the second decade in the 21st century.

That's a good point, how would you describe the past decade in music? how is this year similar to 2014 in your opinion? also where in Florida are you moving?

I believe the past decade of music definitely set the trend for what many are doing in music right now. I feel like during that time, everyone was listening to everything and you can just hear the influence in their work. Just the sound is way more evolved of course. And similarities I see between 2018 and 2014 is the boundaries artists are starting to push again. There’s a lot of new artists coming out right now that can really change the game completely and are not following trends. That what made 2014 underground music so good, and I see the same thing happening now, just a whole new wave right now.

Above is the SoundCloud profile photo of BVLLVH.

Above is the SoundCloud profile photo of BVLLVH.


Who do you see pushing the music scene today?

That’s a hard question to answer, but 16yrold and David Shawty are two artists in the underground I see being very significant. Like they are both really on their own shit and continually evolving their sound.

Are there any other forms of art you enjoy? how do you see cover art as being integral to the music?

I really enjoy drawing and I’m starting to get back into animating more. Gonna be very handy for the next step I'm about to take.


It’s literally what makes or breaks the song. (For me at least).

Like you can have a great sounding track but if the cover art is wack. It just disconnects me from the music as an art piece.

Artists should definitely work on the cover art as hard as they do on a track. Whether they are having someone else doing it for them or they are doing it themselves. Cover art gives the full message.

So, in my opinion, art seems to be connecting an idea or image through multiple channels to translate a message: how do you view? how does the integration of different media affect the term of art?

I’m gonna be honest and say that general art now is trash and lacks so much creativity. People are focused more on treating art like a business product rather than being genuine. For example: It’s hard for me to even watch movies now because there’s no originality anymore, but millions people are going to still see it anyways around the nation. I think we are in the dark ages for general art.

man, these movies are trash! The art is becoming a product to dull the masses rather than inspire them to think, so can you elaborate on these dark ages more? its an interesting concept.

Right? And when I say dark ages, I mean that nothing good or memorable is really coming out of this era of art. Except for music in my opinion. I feel like no one is going to really look back at the films for example and be like “that was a classic”. And there’s been a few a periods like that already.

In short: I’m not really seeing or hearing about any classics.