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An Interview with: Skypierr

Skypierr has long been a friend of mine and it's been a pleasure to watch his career grow as his sound progresses. His collaborations with fellow producers of a variety of differing genres highlights his versatility and ability to create a bombastic sonic experience. Hailing from Germany, Skypierr is poised to not only become a European sensation but a global success. 

Who are you and where are you from?

my name is Piers aka skypierr and I’m from Berlin, Germany.

How did you get into music?

I’ve always listend to music for as long as I can remember and I started to try my own music about 3 years ago I think. I started with magic music maker and a friend from me in school showed me FL Studio and I was in love immediately. Since then I tried to learn everyday on FL and I watched a lot tutorials

Besides music are you interested in any other forms of art?

I like to draw and I love graffiti and I usually make all my music covers by myself and my videos on my youtube channel too. So I think I like to design.

Who are some of the artists you are currently listening too?

I have a lot of producer friends and I like a few tracks they do. IAM$ANI or ELK actually my whole GRAVITY gang and my german music collective Torimōto making straight fire! ArtisBlind is a really good rapper and friend. I like his stuff. GRISFX & COSMIC & STU! all very very good producers! Bucket桶 and my TEAM GANG SQUAD ofc. But there are a lot other producers I love.

Above is a photograph of Skypierr on his Twitter.

Above is a photograph of Skypierr on his Twitter.

How are you feeling today and how has the first half of 2018 been for you?

I’m fine thanks bro. It was great for me, I meet a few new guys and producers I like, I’m gonna play on SPLASH! a big festival in Germany, thats really dope.

How old are you and how did you get the name "skypierr"?

I’m 22 rn, "sky“ is from my surname the last 3 letters and "pierr“ comes from my first name.

What is the scene like in EU where you are from?

The music scene here is Great! German rap is dope af and there are a lot german producers who are very very good. There are a lot underrated artist and the underground scene is big! I like the music scene here it’s dope.

What are some of your other hobbies?

Right now I have just music I want to focus on, no really other special hobbies.

Where do you see yourself in a year from now?

I hope to meet a lot of new producers and other people and hopefully I can collab with my favorite producers, I still got a few.

Do you like to read and do you think books have a place in our generation?

If it’s interesting for me I’ll read it. I think sure, books are still important.

What are your thoughts on graphic art and it's place in music?

I think music and graphic art go together. I think its very important to have a good cover for your track they complement each other. Thats why I like to design my covers.