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An Interview with: InternetBoi

InternetBoi was on my radar as soon as I heard his infamous "InternetBoi" tag on his track "I Shot An Angel". How could you not love it? After listening to the song his music left me in an emotional state of mind as the soft hum of violins closed out the final seconds. InternBoi's use of ethereal female vocals immediately draws you into his magical soundscape. A resident of the Bay Area his entire life his music seamlessly interweaves beautiful female vocals over trap drums. Bound for success this year, InternetBoi's style is refreshing in the scene as it combines these two established styles into a final composition of drama and poignancy. 

tell me man, how is your day going right now?

going good so far, went to the gym after work and now im big chillin

thats good bro glad to hear it, so where are you living right now?

I stay in the Bay Area, been here my whole life

do you enjoy living there? do you see yourself staying there in the near future?

it coo, always meeting dope people out here and the weathers always amazing, my career plan is gonna keep me here fer sure

ay that's dope, I'm assuming your career plan involves music?

surprisingly no! my goal is to work on installing elevators in buildings in SF. music will always be a hobby for me unless its making me over 100k a year lol

ay man thats dope! so about your music - you seem to have anime samples layered throughout, can you tell me about some of your influences in your sound?

i loooove female vocals, idk what it is but it just feels so good to listen too. alot of anime osts have female vocal epic type feels to em so it usually works. and when it comes to Japanese vocals their voice sounds like another melody layer to me since i cant understand the actual lyrics aha but music always speaks to people in their own way anyways. i guess influences would be like oliver francis when he used to make all the beats and remixes awhile back and thats what really peaked my interest in music

i agree - they feel angelic, so do you watch anime a lot? and if you do, which is your favorite?

i watch so much anime honestly lol like i really put hours in almost daily. top anime gotta be Monogatari series, Noragami, and Gate! theres so many more i could probably make a top 20 but those 3 came to mind first

yea bro so many great ones out there underrated af, so in the music scene you've been rising fast - how does it feel?

its nice knowing theres people out there that like my music, being at the point where you dont gotta spam your irl friends to play your tracks over and over again is cool too lol. but honestly ive felt the love from people since like 1k followers. music just makes me feel good in general tho and people liking my music makes it even better

I totally agree, I've seen your come up for awhile now :) so besides music, what are you into? what else interests you or hobbies?

ive been building a 1969 camaro since i was 16 (im 22 now) so cars have and still are a big part of my life. ive played sports most my life but since im an adult now im still into working out, also just started boxing again 2 weeks ago so now thats another obsession growing on me. other than that i enjoy drinking and meeting new people :)

hey man that's dope sounds like shit's going well for you right now, so who are you listening to right now musically? what are you thoughts on the past couple years of the scene as we've watched it grow?

i listen to alotta of plugg type music, rn ive been playing alot of Weiland and Nappy 01. I wish i could make those kinda beats but everytime i make something it damn near turns out emotional lol. and i dont remember as much distorted 808 music years back but maybe i just wasn't deep enough into the scene? besides that i really like where most of it is going. when it comes to music politics i've never involved myself in it so i have no idea what goes on in that sense

yea man I like weiland alot too and I've never been into music politics either, so who are some artists you want to work with these year?

I wanna produce some tracks for lastclass, kaiyko, and collab with Gin$eng

thats dope af man, so what is it like being an electrician?

Currently I work with oil but it’s a simple warehouse job that’s mon-fri and it pays decently for the time being until I get into the elevator union. Nothing beats having the weekends off

dope man, I forgot to ask you - how old are you? if you could give some advice to your old self from 5 years ago what would you tell him?

I’m 22 years old as of yesterday. First things I’d say would be invest in bitcoin !!! And start making beats nowwwww

Above is InternetBoi's twitter profile picture.

Above is InternetBoi's twitter profile picture.

haha happy birthday were the same age I'm 22 as well, so, are you generally interested in cryptocurrency, how do you think it will impact our future?

Ayyye im glad theres some people in the community as old as me. somewhat i have like $1k invested in it at the moment but right now im taking a hit on it :( but i honestly think in the next 10 years or so its gonna be something we use in our everyday lives fer sure

I fully agree with you I own a bunch of VEN right now and I'm waiting for it to moon :(, but yo, I think we got enough for the interview bro it was great talking to you and I'll keep you posted when the interview drops this weekend, anything else you wanna share with the readers?

much love ! <3 and just wanna let everyone know that you're all my friends! not just fans

<3 much love bro!

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