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An Interview with: Win32

Win32 is a musician of the highest caliber. It was a pleasure to speak with him and get to know the man behind the music. As both a person and an artist he shatters the conventional image portrayed in the media of what it means to be a contemporary avante-garde artist. We learned more about his roots and how he became the prolific artist we know today as Win32.

Is now a good time to chat? I'm on a train to Boston and I'm free for awhile.

I can now.

Where did you get your name from? Does it have a particular meaning?

I used to make vaporwave or at least attempt to and win32 was just a name I thought would fit that theme. I changed my style up and win32 just stuck with me

What influences your sound? Is it other music or perhaps other subjects? Also, how would you say your sound has evolved and what is the driver of your evolution?

I have so many influences honestly. From people to bands to movies and sadly depression it's my main reason for putting out this much music. I hate to talk about it but music is basically my outlet for this kinda stuff. However i do love doing this and I definitely see it as a career path.

Yea, of course, my sound has definitely evolved I cant even listen to my older stuff without cringing. And idk basically the more i work the better i get that's all i can say.

And I'm not saying steal other people ideas, but listening to other peoples music from time to time can help u with different techniques.

Do you see depression as a disease which affects large portions of our generation? Also homie, where do you live and how old are you?

Lol yea I honestly think everybody in our generation is fucking depressed thats why i don’t be tripping. I have found ways to control mine not a lot of people have control over theirs though.

Im in gainesville virginia and im 22.

Control is key and I'm 22 too - I think since you mentioned depression is widespread among our youth what do you see as the cause of this now universal melancholy, is it just a factor of modernism? is a part of this technological world?

These have been questions I've pondered.

I wont really blame it on technology per say but it definitely has excelled the disease. Everything’s crazy right now, too much going on. For me my depression started at a very young age. Music is just my way of escaping a lot of shit I’ve been through. I cant really knock anybody elses depression but idk its a lot more crazier when you have been dealing with it your whole life.

The word is thrown around too losely these days.

I agree completely - so on the topic of your music how did you get involved with anti-world?

How would you describe the group's artistic movement and your part of it? 

I've been friends with sybyr since 2013, he was initially in my first group “blvck voodoo” back in the day. He hit me up a year ago and asked if i wanted to join.

Anti-world is very unique man. We don’t conform to what society deems acceptable. Its hard to label what we do thats why we just kinda do our own thing. We are basically just homies going through shit together while making great music.

I starting taking notice of you both around then as well, that's what I enjoy most about the group - your originality in a scene filled with clones, I've thought anti-world as a name reflects the group's philosiphy of artistically going against the norms, could you expand on how you view the group's musical vision?

Above is a photo of Win32 on his Instagram from his recent tour.

i honestly couldn’t tell u. I mean our main goal is to make as much music as we can, till we make it out or die idk lol. But like i said we really just go with the flow. We are slowly getting more organized tho, so expect more scheduled drops.

Are there any subjects besides music you are passionate about? if you do, do they influence your creative style? also, what does an average day for you look like?

Nawh nothing really interests me like music does. I like playing actions games though so that kinda influences what i make. One if my main goals is to make music for movies/games.

I mean typically, im working on music, thats my main job. I i dropped out of college to focus on it. Im currently saving up all i can to get my own spot in Richmind va.

How about your cover art? I've been following your recent songs and each cover shares a red theme but varies in rectangular shapes - how does the cover of each track influence your art? also, what were you studying and what is your opinion of university education?

One of my good homies from England (only human) makes them for me. He’s been making my art since like 2014 and i just basically tell him to make a bunch and send it over. I do sometimes get him to make custom ones for specific songs.

I was studying computer science and later switched to business. School wasn’t for me, i know a lot of people say that but for me i knew that when i was literally in kindergarten lmao

I was the one kid getting f’s in fucking first grade, i was just a disaster in school. I couldnt focus on anything, pretty sure i have adhd but having black parents, they just said i was “lazy”.

But yea college is a money grabbing sham, im not the type to try and talk down on it, because it does help people get better careers in life. Its just too expensive and put people into great debt. And a lot of people go to school not knowing what they wanna do. They pick shitty majors and realize its hard to get a job in that field.

Once i discovered my musical abilities in 10th grade, there really was no going back. It was like i had finally discovered my calling basically. If i was to die right now i can honestly say i did what i loved and thats very rare for a lot of people.

I completely agree with you, our educational system in a state of disarray, how you been to any musical shows/performances/concerts recently? What do you think about vocalists singing/rapping over a backing track while they perform?

Yea i played my first show a couple months ago. Then i went on a mini tour with brothel,essex,side walks and skeletons and resonata. It was pretty amazing.

Lol i dont really think it matter cause fans are really just there to see their favorite artists. Most of the fans be too high to care about that lol. Unless u are like a ariana grande or something, then that looks bad when u lip sync.

I think the practice of performing with backing vocals reflects the punk nature of the scene, so what do you enjoy most about touring? Also do you experiment with drugs other than weed for either recreational or artistic purpose?

Just having fun with my homies pretty much. It was a fun experience got to bond with some cool people and i met a lot of people that knew me.

Im not really big on drugs. Only time i do them is when im around friends who offer. Im not one to say no depending on the drug lol

I do enjoy psychedelics from time to time. Ive made a ton of my music of acid and shrooms.

In fact. I took 2 tabs last week and made some crazy shit.

Yea man, I find the friendships and experiences through the music really make the journey fulfilling, so do you care for politics? Besides our current election are there any particular political movements which interest you?

Nawh not really. I do like to watch the news and those night talk shows. To pretty much keep up with whats going on. Im lowkey obsessed with watching the daily show. Im well versed in whats going in but i cant say i really care. I know that sounds dumb but i just like to stay away from that shit.

I support the BML and #metoo movements tho. They opened my eyes to a lot of bs going on.

Its cool, as an artist your informed on the issues, what else is on your mind?

I have an album dropping on july 8th which is also my birthday. Its gonna be crazy ive been working on it for 3 months now.