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An Interview with: Chris Vayle

Chris Vayle transports his listeners into a futuristic soundscape filled with unlimited possibility. Simply, his music is unlike any other I have heard. Chris's vocals took me into another dimension, an alternate reality, one in which he has risen triumphantly over evil dystopian forces in order to share with us, his audience, a vision of a prosperous future. Every time I listen to Regret I can feel my hands tighten with the urge to run and seek the truth. His music is a bridge into another universe eeirly distinct from ours yet hauntingly similar. 

Where are you living and how old are you?

Im living in Memphis and im 17.

How did you get involved with AntiWorld?

I joined through cxrpse after the release of the REGRET music video.

How did that track come together? It is truly an incredible track. Do you have any regrets as the title suggests?

It came together pretty instantly, probably the only song on my discography that didn't take more than a couple days.

I don't think I regret anything really lmao. I think u learn from everything.

So your 17, do people in your school know you as a local celebrity? What's your process of music like? When did you first start writing?

I actually just graduated from high school and eh not really, some people know and others don't. I really keep to myself and my very tight knit of friends/family.

My process is really weird I say, i can go a month or two without touching my laptop to record and then sometimes I can record 5 songs in one week.

I first started writing when I was 11-12 and it was just random shit nothing too deep. I didn't rap or write about my problems around that time, mainly shit to impress like my mom n shit.

How would you describe antiworld and your guys sound? What are your plans since graduating? And congrats on the recent graduation.

I would describe our sound as something most ppl don't expect and it really brings a new emotion and feeling out of people.

Tell me more about yourself, what else are you interested in besides music?

My plans mainly consist of me getting a place to have my creativity go wild and I can really embody everything that I'm about.

I'm really interested in culinary, considering getting some sort of certification in that pretty soon. Also fashion, actual fashion, not the surface "fashion".

So you're interested in design? How would you describe surface fashion? Are you referring to simple logos on one color shirts?

Referring to simple stitching and simple designs. Subtle and large differences. Fashion is such a huge platform for people to stick to basics and a comfort zone with different pieces, but to each is own.

In regards to your culinary interests do you like to cook often? What's your favorite meal?

I like to cook asian foods often. Asian foods are very fun to cook. My favorite meal would probably have to be dumplings, pork, shrimp, etc.

Do you think your interest in cooking affects your creative process and music?

In a way, its all an art form. Just different senses are being tapped so its all about giving a new experience that really blows someone's mind.

Do you follow politics at all? What do you think about the current geopolitical climate?

I don't follow a lot of politics. Hurts my brain.

How about literature or movies?

I’m big on movies. I love film, that's a good source of my inspiration as well.

What are some of your favorites and what aspect of film most interests you?

My fav movies are The Matrix and probably and any Quentin T movie.

The thing that interests me is setting a mood, whether it be through lighting, the makeup, the scoring. Setting the mood and making you feel what you see is a crazy thing.

Do you see your songs as soundscape environments of which to create other worlds and imagine new places?

In a sense, yes.

Do you have an opinion or thoughts on the recent deaths of either x or peep? Did either influence you and what do you think their legacy was on the scene?

I wouldn't say influence but more or less set an example of some sort. Just creative minds doing what they do best. I think they have left a huge footprint in the scene and won't be forgotten by any means. My respects to both of them.

Do what do you think about the violence and drugs surrounding the scene's artists and fans alike? What are your opinions on drug culture in music?

Everyone is their own way. People do different things for different reasons and in this community its almost little to no space to judge. I think the fans will get the message relayed with or without me so saying I promote drugs or encourage them is ignorant. I just keep it as accurate as possible in songs to portray that reality of the people who undergo those lifestyles, daily.

Would you say artists have a responsibility to create social change or is art a reflection of society perhaps and is more for the sake or aesthetic bliss?

Artists have that opportunity but its not an obligation. If you want to change the world then go for it, it's many ways to change the world.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

I have alot of favorite artist just because I listen to alot of stuff but my all time favorites would have to be, Kid Cudi, Kanye, Anthony Hamilton, Van Hunt, Me'Shell NdegeOcello & Lauryn Hill. That list changes though. Those are people I was raised on and I still listen to this day.

Do you enjoy living in Memphis? is there anywhere else you'd like to move too?

Above is a photo of Chris Vayle from his Instagram.

Above is a photo of Chris Vayle from his Instagram.

Memphis is alright, it's not the worst but it's absolutely not the best. I hate the fact that everyone here catches onto things later than the rest of the country, that and its right along the bible belt. Eventually I'm moving to NY with my girl. That's in the near future.

Ay NYC? and for sure, what is it like being apart of the bible belt? are people in the area religious? what is the religious aspect there like?

Yea NYC. Feel like I belong there. Being apart of the bible belt is a crazy thing because at a young age you are given so strict expectations it's almost hard not to stray from them. Everyone here is a die hard christian, never admitting to fault. It's weird.

That is weird man, I'm jewish and grew up in an orthodox environment and it pushed me away from traditional religion, what are you personal thoughts on god and religion? Do you consider yourself spiritual?

I would consider myself a spiritual person. In terms of traditional religion I dont really agree with most things. I think life is about bettering yourself to better the ones around you and continue the legacy of mental and material wealth.

I hear you homie that's a positive mentality, so do you think people can change? and what motivates you when you wake up to attack your day and keep going?

I think people can change but through the generations, not in this instant. My biggest motivation is my girlfriend. She keeps me going, keeps my mind open to try different shit and puts me in a mental space to progress. She never lets me sit on my ass and I really appreciate her for it. My other motivation is the vision and idea I have for myself in my head. A mental goal.

That's great that you have someone pushing you man, I'm glad to hear that, Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? I really appreciate you talking with me these past few days homie

To all the fans and readers, I love you guys. I really appreciate you talking to me thank you for this opportunity.