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An Interview with: Lukrative

Perhaps most well known for his work with Duwop Kaine and Landon Cube - Lukrative has become a familiar producer in the underground community. I caught up with the young artist and spoke with him about his thoughts on the scene. Throughout the past year his songs have been racking up tens of thousands of views and his songs with Marcelo, Cosmic, and David Shawty have quickly established the young artist amongst his peers as a hitmaker with a booming sound. 

Where are you from? Also, how long have you been going at this music thing?

I'm from Metairie, Louisiana, a suburb roughly 15 minutes outside New Orleans.

I picked up the guitar when I was 8 or 9 but I started making beats in 7th grade. I think i've been producing for like 7/8 years now haha.

Do you still live in Louisiana? What was the music scene like there growing up?

Yeah, I do, I go to University in uptown New Orleans and live on campus there.

I just graduated school too, what are you studying there?

Growing up I didn't go to many shows at all because I was under 18 lmao. My dad was in bands though so I would go see them when they'd play. In the past few years, I've been getting more in touch with the scene here though.

The major I'm pursuing is called 'Music Industry & Business' It's a mixture of music, marketing, and law courses and there is a great program at the Uni I go to. It really teaches you how to make a living off of music and how to be professional with what you do.

So you're interested in the business side of music as well the creative aspect - you seem like a pretty smart guy, what other shit are you interested in besides music? also, how has your dad influenced you to pursue music or your sound?

I'm not as smart as you think bro hahaha. I love videography and graphic design though. Marketing interests me a lot as well. I like a lot of shit honestly and its hard to balance everything because there's so much I would like to do.

I feel you man, I find it challenging to balance the 24 hours in a day to fit in everything I want to do too. My family is full of musicians and they've been super influential to me especially my dad. So yes definitely haha. I agree with you 100%.

So music runs in the blood, also - how is your summer going so far for you? what are your plans these next couple months?

Summer is going great dude. My homie Vowl just landed in New Orleans yesterday from Australia. He's a super talented producer and in a couple weeks i'll be joining him on a small eastern US tour. Gonna stay in Florida and New York for a few weeks and link up with some fellow musicians and producers. Couldn't be more hyped tbh

That's the plan at least, we'll see how it goes! We've already made a few bangers since he got here lol

Above is a photo of Lukrative preforming.

Above is a photo of Lukrative preforming.

I'm living in nyc right now, hit my line and we'll link for sure, what are your thoughts on the soundcloud community these days? what do you think of the recent mainstream success of certain "soundcloud" artists?

I love the community, i'm not as deep as I used to be in it bc of how little time I have these days so I don't really have much bad to say about it. There's soooo much talent on soundcloud though.

I feel the same way, I think theres so many great artists from our generation.

I think it's about time that we take over man and I'm glad these guys are getting the recognition! I only can take so much of mainstream music but if underground stuff becomes more common in the mainstream I feel like this generation could be going somewhere.

I agree completely when all is said and done I think everyone will look back and realize how our generation participated in a unique artistic movement, equally or rivaling previous punk movements.

So, I guess my last question would be, is there anything else you wanna share? your answers have been well spoken and I appreciate you taking the time to chat.

Peep as well as others have made such an impact on new artists. Music is evolving and I love it. So much of the best music gets slept on though it's sad to see.

I agree for sure, lil peep will go down as one of the kings of the underground in a few years.

Definitely wanna add that my favorite artists at the moment are Juice Wrld and Trippie Redd. The energy and emotion in their music is crazy.

And a message to everyone: Find something you love and do it, pursue the fuck out of it. You can really do anything you want in life with heaps of practice or research.

and yes dude, peep is a legend for sure!

one love bro your right, have a good one tonight, imma face a joint and pass out but this interview was great.

same to you brother! definitely keep in touch!