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An Interview with: CXRPSE

CXRPSE is a producer, vocalist and engineer who is a part of the infamous collective Anti-World. Collaborating with the likes of Sybyr(Syringe), Zotiyac, Chris Vayle and others, Cxrpse stands out for his menacing instrumentals and eeiry vocal delivery. Over the past several months Cxrpse has been releasing hit after hit and continuing to surprise listeners with new sounds as he gears up for potential album with Sybyr. We got a chance to speak with him about his upbringing and future plans.

Whats your name and how old are you?

My name is D and i don’t really disclose a lot of my information like that. I’m super super private.

What is the motivation for keeping private?

I’ve always valued my privacy a lot. it’s just always been one of those things that’s become dear to me because growing up i didn’t have much at all.

What was it like growing up for you and where did you grow up?

Alright so I grew up in Newburgh, NY which was known as the murder capital of the state. it was hard especially growing up in such a chaotic household. it was like you go outside and this corner you see drug dealers and shit on this corner you see other people doing heroin and shit, everyday you see more niggas getting killed and it desensitizes you especially when people you know get killed and shit. it was rough as fuck. living in a one bedroom apartment with my mother with no lock on the door for such a long time attributed to the major lack of privacy, shit was ridiculous.

If you don't me asking, were your parents divorced or separated?

Well to be honest I was convinced by my mom and shit that they were divorced since i was like 11 or some shit. but the other day my dad was like nah we’re still married. Shit had me feeling some type of way.

How did that effect you growing up? Do you have a relationship with your father?

It just made me feel weird because my dad wasn’t going to be around anymore and i was stuck with this woman. My dad cool though i love him.

When did you get into music?

I been making music 8 years. i started in 2011 when i heard dubstep and shit and i was like damn i want to make that shit. so i found the fl studio demo and thought i was making some fire.

How did you get from making dubstep to your current sound? What fostered this evolution?

Well i made dubstep until about 2014 when i quit due to some fucked up shit happening at home and me not being able to make shit. i found out about bones and his shit really inspired me and made me want to move forward, then i started listening to more of the underground shit from then. i had fl on my laptop for a year but i was just a listener until about late 2015 and i was like, honestly it can’t hurt. so i taught myself how to make trap beats and shit.

Was it around this time you joined weird clvn/anti-world - when did you first get involved with it?

i used to talk to people like kyle slow, colours etc and then i met ego. from there we made music, and i was added to the weirdclvn skype chat and met everyone, then a few months later was added to the roster with Eric North and shit.

How would you say your music has progressed over the past few years?

i went from making some ok beats to making some crazy sounding shit with a lot of time and a fuck ton of effort. now i’m doing vocals and shit and now i’m actually lil more confident with the shit.

I've definitely noticed that with the recent releases. who are some of your musical influences?

Bones, wulf, fifty grand for sure, purrp, all of my friends, lots of old grunge rock and synthpop, dbz soundtrack too.

Are you working towards an album this year, what should we expect in terms of release from you?

Besides the project with sybyr and with drew the architect, maybe. i don’t even know im just gonna keep putting shit out until everyone hears me or hates me.

So you have a project with sybyr coming?

Yes indeed. brat musik is coming soon, it’s gonna be sick. lots of talented artists on there.

When do you expect it to be released? soon or at the end of the year?

Aaaaaaah. give it maybe a month or so. quality first.

Of course of course, so what was high-school/college like for you? did you attend college?

lmao high school was stupid as shit. everybody was on some surface level robotic shit and nobody tried to think outside the box or be different. my best friend nayib supported my musical endeavors, theres was only one other person that did in school. i always kept it on the down low. i go to college, but im gonna drop out soon because it doesn’t feel worth it and i can’t help but feel depressed while there.

What are you studying there?

International maritime trade and transportation.

What made you choose to study that instead of music?

i thought with my money brain instead of my passion brain. but being there i realized why should i waste money and go into debt about something that i don’t care about. i don’t want to be unhappy for the rest of my life. college makes me want to kill myself, thinking of working a 9 to 5 does as well and so now i’m just trying to see different ways that i could leave and still be able to make music and be relatively stable.

Is music how you cope with depression?

It is. it helps me cope with a lot, extreme anger, loss, suicidal thoughts, pretty much everything. it’s the only thing that is always there and can’t hurt you.

Who are some people you want to work with this year that you haven't yet?

Fifty grand first and foremost, it’s a long list, i really want to work with everyone that inspired me.

Is there any activity or hobby you do or are interested in perhaps fans wouldn't expect or already know?

I smoke a lot and play rugby at school. Last year at school, I saw it was available and was like fuck it i’m down.

Any parting comments or thoughts to end the interview with?

Mena Suvari is the love of my life. That’s all.