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An Interview with: Taylor Morgan

Taylor Morgan, like most of us, is living a double life. By day, he is a videographer but by night you can find him at home with his sidekick and canine Lily and honing his production skills. His hard work has paid off and he has quickly established himself as an experimental artist in the underground alternative rock scene.

While he aspires to create music full time, Taylor Morgan only has time to works on his music after work and on the weekends. But he is proof that if someone is dedicated to their craft - they can hone their artistry and emerge successful. While Taylor was in college he would often produce tracks after class, improving day by day and now he has worked with Lil B and Wicca Phase.

His journey into music began long ago in the small town of Jonesboro, Arkansas. There are traces of Jonesboro in his music, or at least his creative process, as his calming and pastoral music reflects the serene tranquility of the Arkansas. While plenty of other producers are caught up in the hype of making “plug type beats” or blown-out 808 bangers, Taylor has carved out a niche for himself by bridging together elements of alternative rock and ambient production, separating himself from the mainstream crowd.

As of recently I’ve been bumping his new spacey track with Wicca Phase and Lil B and it’s no surprise to find them over Taylor’s instrumental.  Lil B sounds fresh over and different on this track with Wicca Phase, it’s not often you hear the Based God singing as he does on Taylor’s track. The song is a dream collaboration I’ve always wanted to hear. Taylor is unafraid to pursue his own music and explore new boundaries.

So, whats your name and where are you residing right now?

Taylor Morgan and i currently live in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Wow, Arkansas! I've never met some one from there! did you move there or are you originally from there? what is it like, do you enjoy it?

Also, what led you to decide to use your real name as your producer name?

Born and raised here! It's a strange place to live to be doing what I am doing. I like the scenery and the people, but it's not a place that lends you to be super creative. I've had to pretty much do my own thing through the internet to have any success being from here.

Above is a photo of Taylor’s roommate in Lily’s cage.

Above is a photo of Taylor’s roommate in Lily’s cage.

And I couldn't come up with anything I liked a lot. I tossed some ideas around, but I thought I might as well just go with my name. I always hated playing xbox and people calling my by my gamertag instead of Taylor, so I thought I would be proactive and just make everyone know me as Taylor instead of some alias.

When did you first get interested in production and were there any particular artists who inspired you? Also - how old are you and when did you first consider becoming a producer?

I’ve always loved music. I loved playing Guitar Hero and making stupid music videos in my bedroom when I was really young. I tried making dubstep in sometime in high school but I didn’t like. Fast forward 2017 and I tried making beats after listening to Wicca Phase non stop for months and months and months. I tried making stuff like that for fun and I just loved it. And now here I am haha

Producers that influenced me at first were Dead Angel, Ocelot, killedmyself, and Clams Casino to name a few and I am 22.

So, take me to high school - what was your experience like? Also, which DAW did you first get started with? and how was your process evolved since 2017?

Highschool was pretty normal. Luckily I had a group of friends that listened to the same music as me so that made it tolerable! And I have always used FL Studio.

My workflow has stayed similar, I just have gotten more expiremental. So many people make very linear and plain music, and I try and make my music as complex melodically as possible, while not making it annoying. Drowning everything out in reverb and playing with stereo seperation, i’ve gotten more intricate with sounds and layering than before

i've definitely noticed your music going in a more experimental style, do you play all the instruments in your music or do you prefer to sample certain songs?

Most of the time I use guitar it’s sampled, but my recent music is mostly all orignal. When I do sample though, i try n get the most out of it instead of just popping in a loop you know

So when looking for a new song to flip or sample do you typically have something in mind or do you pick the right on spontaneously? also since you've left high school - are you in college or are you full time pursuing your music?

I’ll just be listening to music and then hear some section that I just cant get out of my head and that’s when I know its perfect to sample. Usually spontaneous. And i’ve actually graduated college! I work a day job and do music on the side, but I hope one day it can turn into a full time thing

Congratulations! I just graduated in may myself and here i am, at my day gig, hoping one day to be a writer :) so what did you study in college and was it in college you truly developed your artistic style?

Thanks man congrats to you as well! I studied creative media and work in video. I think it definitely helped me out, but I was always wanting make stuff even as a kid. I would make videos with our camcorder or taking photos or editing video game footage. I’ve always liked making stuff and I think through trying new stuff I found music as the perfect outlet

Thanks man! so what was getting a creative media degree like and how do you like working in video? i studied writing and i'm working as a proposal writer for a software company, how tough is it for you to balance your work with creative projects? personally i've found having a day job actually makes want to be creative EVEN MORE, since I've got alot of energy pent up from the work day.

Do you have aspirations of being videographer or director for music videos?

I’m the same way i come up with so many ideas at work and can’t wait to work on music when I get home! I love working in video it’s super fun and keeps my brain constantly trying to come up with ideas for work and music and I definitely want to! I want to start doing videos for my own music soon

Above is the cover art of Taylor Morgan’s recent tape “DREAM EATER”.

Above is the cover art of Taylor Morgan’s recent tape “DREAM EATER”.

So, what is something unexpected about the video industry someone who doesn't work there might not realize? also - can you tell us some of the backstory behind some of the tracks you have produced and how they came to be? Are they all straightforward? you produce the beat, send it to the artist, then its get mixed and mastered, or do you prefer to work in person with most artists? do you solicit vocalists you enjoy to record over your work or do vocalists solicit you for your beats?

On a small scale, it's a lot of work but really fun. I shoot, edit, write, etc. for a lot of the projects I do. It's a really fun job.

A lot are fairly straight forward. Early on I was just sending stuff out to a lot of people hoping someone would eventually use something, but now I keep my circle tighter and just work with friends. It all through the internet since I live in such a random state. When it comes to soliciting people, its back and forth. I will reach out to people I really really want to work with, but sometimes great people hit me up and we make a great song that I didn't even plan on making.

It's all about timing and working in the moment. I rarely make beats with certain people in mind, and I just sit on them until the time is right and the best person comes to mind.

Sounds organic, so who are some of the artists then you've really enjoyed working with who are your friends and who are some artists you didn't expect to work with but eventually have?

My favorite people to work with are Mixed Matches, Fantasy Camp, and Wicca Phase. I've become good friends with all of them. I also have became close with Barren and Velvetears over the course of making music and they were the first people to work with me. As far as people I didn't expect, I sure as hell didn't expect to have Lil B on one of my beats haha. I always didn't expect to ever work with Wicca Phase, but I'm glad it happened. He's amazing and has always been someone I looked up to.

So what is it like living this double life? do you tell people you are an emerging producer or do you keep it under wraps? What was it like working with Lil B too?

Lmao double life is a hilarious but perfect way to put it. I don’t advertise it but my music twitter is the same twitter my irl friends follow so they all see it. They ask questions and I tell them whats going on and show them music, but I always downplay it because they don’t really care about who I work with. As long as I show them some songs they like, they think it’s neat.

And itwas so cool! I never really talked to him during the process, but the fact that he’s heard my music and been on my beat made 15 year old taylor very happy

Lil-B is definately one of the proginators of the scene and someone who has played a monumental impact, so besides from Wicca, MM (who we have also interviewed) and Fantasy Camp, who are some bands, producers, or artists you are listening too this year and have caught your attention? and often I mentally divide sound cloud into two categories, the trap/absurdist side and then the emo/altrock/experimental side - are you still a fan of trap music, can you imagine yourself branching into that direction, or are you fully immersed in your lane?

Lately I have been listening to a lot of Lil Soda Boi, ppgcasper, Organ Tapes, bleachblonde, and capoxxo. I would love to work with all of them. I definitely focus more on the alternative side, but I would love to branch out. I would love to make songs with some people like Duwap Kaine, BBY GOYARD, sub9k, Yvncc, etc.

I love all music and try and take inspiration from all different genres.

So if you had to choose, what are a couple of your favorite tracks you've produced and another question I have is outside of video/work and music - what are some of your hobbies?

My favorite track ever that I have done is 'bare' featuring mixed matches. that song makes me so happy. a song that i have produced that i feel liek is a little slept on is 'how to fix everything' by fantasy camp (co produced with Martensite). i love both of those songs so much they never get old. i have some unreleased too that is some of my best work

Outside of music and work, I like to hang out with my dog. i have a 1 1/2 year old dog named Lily that I love to death, so most of my time is spent working, making music, and spending time with her.

Is there a significant other in your life? And how much does love and relationships with women influence your sound, If at all, and musical direction?

I don't have a significant other at the moment. I don't really think it influences my part of the music, but I do think my beats tend to lead people to make songs about love since they are usually very emotional sounding and melodic.

I can see that, can you sheds some light on how did Garden Ave come to be - how did you all decide to start a group together?

Most of us have been friends for a while on here. Me and 4evr have been good buddies and we both wanted to make a collective, so at first we asked martensite, oilcolor, Taxpurposes, caspr, and WTCHCRFT to be apart of it. Then we expanded a month or so later to add VAGUE003, Deliverthecrush and VAGUE002. Its just a group of friends makin songs

So, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2019 and beyond, what's in the works for your life and also your music?

I’m just going to see where it takes me! I was actually listening to this podcast today and they said something about setting tiny goals and achieving them is the key to happiness and I agree. I have some little secret goals that I have right now and I am going to do what I can do achieve them and progress my music and popularity. Just expect a WHOLE lot of music. I want to see how big we can make my collective, Garden Avenue. I want to just make great music and make songs that stick and can hold themselves up for years. I just want to make something important!