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Kill Stacy intimidates on "Opp Talk"

Don’t play with Kill Stacy. In his recent song “Opp Talk” Stacy discusses his rage and hatred for those who seek to delay him his rightful success. He refuses to be stopped. Releasing a banger at least once every few weeks, Stacy is relentlessly coming after his adversary. Soon, he will releae two albums titled respectively “I” and “II”. The envisioned foe may literally be those who mean him hard or it could be a metaphor referring to his environment. The production by NiNETY8 is haunting, as the introduction starts going it feels like we are entering the underworld.

You want smoke? You can get it on everything!
— Kill Stacy
Above is the cover art of Kill Stacy’s song “ Opp Talk ” produced by NiNETY8.

Above is the cover art of Kill Stacy’s song “Opp Talk” produced by NiNETY8.

When Kill Stacy comes on to track, one can’t help but nod along as he expresses his intense emotions and feelings. His energy is contagious. His voice is smooth and he speaks with conviction. Right when you don’t see him coming, Kill Stacy appears and make his presence known. It’s no surprise these other guys and rappers are scared of his talent. Not only are his lyrics powerful but his flow is versatile. He can chop it up in half a dozen ways.

Between his braggadocio lyrics and explosive energy are somber lines about the trap life. Kill Stacy wants out of the life yet it keeps pulling him back into it’s clutches. In just under 2 minutes Kill Stacy makes his talent and emotion apparent - his enemies should stay away. When he senses their fear, like a shark, he pounces.