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OmenXIII unleashes hell on "Mayhem"

OmenXIII has been killing it and is always in his prime. I can’t think of a time he ever fell off. With over two hundred and eighty seven songs in his discography, Omen has been continuously working. Hit after hit, 2018 has been an unstoppable year for Omen, racking up hundreds of thousands of plays. Partnering up with Grigoryan on his new track “Mayhem” the two make slight work of the beat. Omen is representing for the underground community, staying to true to his roots. Here from the start, Omen has never wavered in his support for the scene, staying true to his sound regardless of increasing popularity.

Grigoryan’s production goes hard and perfectly compliments Omen’s cloudy dark voice. Surrounded by fakes and industry cons, Omen is clearly pissed. Who can blame him?Moving between smooth and intense flows, Omen lets everyone know he is not one to play with. The music industry should be worried. In “Mayhem” Omen releases a flurry of attacks and insults towards though who have tried to hold him back. But the energy from the demon is too much to bare, no one is able to contain his rage.

Fantasize, you just fantasize, what I live bitch.
Genocide, this a genocide, pull the kill switch.
— OmenXIII
Above is the cover art of OMENXIII’s song “ Mayhem ” produced by Grigoryan.

Above is the cover art of OMENXIII’s song “Mayhem” produced by Grigoryan.

The people who hate on him on discourage him from pursuing his passions are the same ones pushing him forward. His haters are all online, safe behind the keyboard but as soon as they see Omen in person, they run. They don’t want the smoke. Unlike his enemies, Omen gets to work and doesn’t look back. The difference between him and his foes is that Omen really lives the life they can only talk about. As soon as Omen is able to find a moment of peace from their piece, it’s going to be “Mayhem".