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Mana returns with "System Shock"

It’s good to have Mana back. After a nearly five month hiatus since his last release, “Look At Em” Mana dropped his new song “System Shock” this week. The track is produced by the infamous Danish producer Alfon Zaberg whom has worked with other notable artists such as Bzkt and Mavo. The song “System Shock” is a single off Mana’s forthcoming EP “Entrails Of Life” expected to be release sometime this year.

Above is the cover of “ System Shock ” by MANA and produced by Aaron Zaberg.

Above is the cover of “System Shock” by MANA and produced by Aaron Zaberg.

In the first twenty five seconds Alfon sets the tone with a distorted bass and sinister melody which sounds like it’s been laced with dark magic. The beat then begins to cut in an out with static shocks and a few ominous notes of low bass as properly Mana rips the beat to shreds. The song feels like the soundtrack to stepping into a haunted mansion and hearing the door close behind you.

Thankfully, Mana put the lyrics of his song in the description of the track for us to analyze. In the chorus of he refers to his opposition as “NPCs” or non-playing characters, a lyrical diss against their talent and individuality. This term has been popularized by gaming culture and has been referenced in political memes.

Unlike conventional artists who stick to cliche topics and figurative language, MANA refers to himself as an Iphone having “merged himself with a machine”. This metaphor may be referring to how his audience only sees him as a digital artist, a number and profile page, and not a human being. The phrase speaks volumes of today’s culture as now everyone is glued to their screens and psychologically fused with the technology.

Also a skilled producer, MANA has produced for Beamon, Mavo, Craig Xen, and NA$TY. 2018 has certainly been a productive year for Mana and we will wait and see what 2019 has in store for this adaptable auteur.

Who that breathin’ hard on the phantom phone?
Put me in tha clouds im an iPhone
Dont get too attached hoe i wanna die
Yall are NPC’s, dont fuck with your kind