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Heist187 and ZOTiYAC create havoc on "Oops"

Fans of CrowLife can finally rejoice, Heist187 is back in action. While he was gone, a few clones managed to bubble up but now Heist and Zotiyac have put them back in their place. After a short stint out of the game, CrowLife is ready to make national headlines and return as the leaders of the Underground.

Above is the cover art of “Oops” produced by PoloBoyShawty.

Above is the cover art of “Oops” produced by PoloBoyShawty.

Partnering up with his long time collaborator, Heist recruits Zotiyac to go back and forth over Lil Yatchy’s “Opps” instrumental. Both Heist and Zotiyac expose Lil Yatchy’s lack of bars and talent on the track, compared to them, he has mediocre lyrics, a lazy flow, and a lack of direction. Heist and Zotiyac have actually live the life they speak about, and their experience comes through in their sound. Their lyrics are densely packed and describe the danger of the streets with an intensity that makes you, as the listener, feel as if your really there witnessing the chaos.

Their remix starts at first very second while Lil Yatchy’s version takes an entire 15 seconds to get going. Once Lil Yatchy does begin he merely groans on about cliche topics such as his diamonds and his cars. As if we haven’t heard that a thousand times.

I’m stretching this license
The heat on my lap and this hoe keep on texting
I’m reading the map and the bitch in the past
And just see, keep on laughing
— Zotiyac

Heist and Zotiyac are clearly far more mature artists and indivituals. Their version of the instrumental is a short story of their life on the road. Zotiyac opens his verse describing a scene of him on the scene “with the heat on his lap” and his “feet on the dash” moving through his enemy’s turf. Heist then comes in with the second verse, letting everyone know not to initiate any problems with his affiliates or end up “knocked off the stretcher”.

The remix by Heist and Zotiyac gives the song an entirely new feel, the song goes from a pop track to an underground banger. These two are talented trappers and writers. Both Heist and Zotiyac effortlessly destroy their opposition and are truly cementing themselves as an iconic duo in the scene. PoloBoyShawty also does an impressive job of remixing the original instrumental to fit the Heist and Zotiyac. His inclusions of sounds such as ray guns firing and reducing the sound of the claps puts both vocalists in the spotlight of the track.