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BBY Goyard stuns us again with "Sabonis!"

Fuck yo clout, Fuck yo clout
That not really whats it bout
Run Shannon Run
I be in the back, smoking thrax
Just for fun
— BBY Goyard

It’s been a breakout year for BBY Goyard, consistently dropping hit after hit. After “Run Shannon Run” was premiered on Elevator earlier this year, Goyard has followed up the track with a remix of the original titled “Sabonis!”.

Debuting in July, the original version of the song has already amassed over a hundred thousand views and continues to rack up more. The “Sabonis!” version is a slowed down version of the original and gives the song a wavy relaxed vibe. Personally, I enjoy slower version a little more than the original, only because it’s more palatable to those unfamiliar with the SoundCloud underground scene. Anyways, whether it’s the original or the remix you are playing, the song is incredibly versatile, regardless of tempo or speed - the song is a banger. There is enough depth to his songs that BBY Goyard can rearrange and explore their compositions and still find new interesting elements to draw out from them.

Above is a photo of BBY Goyard performing on his  Twitter .

Above is a photo of BBY Goyard performing on his Twitter.

This is saying alot, as typical songs from the SoundCloud community are just one-hit-wonders which do not have the complexity to be remixed or further examined. However, BBY Goyard has continued to innovate and push the boundaries of SoundCloud experimentation, his “trance” music is often “fully flexed up”, the voices either pitched down or high with frequent horns blaring throughout the composition. My favorite lyric from the song is “fuck yo clout, that’s not really what it’s bout”; the lyric describes the current scene today perfectly - it’s not about the views or likes, its about the music and pushing forward the genre which BBY Goyard has certainly been doing. Too many artists are only concerned about the fame and the fans instead of the music, and unlike BBY Goyard, those artists won’t be getting far.