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Weiland flex ins "Colors"

After the release of “Grimey Youth” earlier this year, Weiland has returned with his latest banger “Colors”, produced by Ginseng. The song was originally previewed by Weiland on his Instagram and eventually blew up when it posted on Instagram’s “Explore” page. After weeks of teasing the track and building up momentum, Weiland is now primed for the spotlight.

I’m a Florida boy, so you know we tote extended clips
Bad bitch from Vogue Magazine, she love suckin’ dick
— Weiland
Above is the cover art to Weiland’s new single, “Colors” produced by Ginseng.

Above is the cover art to Weiland’s new single, “Colors” produced by Ginseng.

For those unfamiliar with Weiland, he has been a staple in the Soundcloud trap scene over the past few years. Weiland is not a one hit wonder, he has two albums available, “Packrunner” which was released in 2017 and “Grimey Youth” which was released earlier this year.

Known for routinely toting firearms on his Instagram, the song “Colors” begins with a news reporter alluding to a police investigation into his notorious behavior. The cover art is well done and compliments the song nicely, it depicts a color wheel with Weiland’s logo, a W, in the middle of the wheel with the word “Colors” spread out along the rotation. The song is as colorful as the title suggests, Weiland’s vocals are coated in a lush auto-tune which accents his voice well and is not overbearing. Ginseng’s instrumental goes hard, it’s drums resemble the anarchy of a storm, hitting at unexpected moments throughout the track.

Weiland characteristically flexes throughout the song, the lyrics are a rebuttal against those who condemn Weiland’s lifestyle and artistry. Instead of folding to the media’s request to turn down his rhetoric and energy, Weiland is committed to his craft and promise of success. Watch out for Weiland next year, this single is only the first of a string of hits we can expect to come from him in 2019.