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6obby reinvent's classic flows on "Vintage"

6obby is one of the youngest flexers in the Soundcloud underground scene today. Listening to his music reminds me of what it’s like to be a kid again in the burgeoning underground just having a good time and experimenting with music. His music videos are low-budget and authentic as 6obby doesn’t pay for any professional videographer, keeping his aesthetic as bare bones and lo-fi as possible. It’s clear 6obby isn’t trying to pretend to be someone he’s not, unlike plenty of his contemporaries who are quick to adopt the latest trends and fashions. His simple lyrics about life as a teenager playing Xbox and hanging out with his friends makes him relatable to fans his age involved in similar activities.

Above is a photo of 6obby off his Instagram.

Above is a photo of 6obby off his Instagram.

It’s hard to guess his age, but based on his music video “Vintage” I would guess he is in his mid-teens. However, his age isn’t an issue, 6obby uses his age to his advantage. It’s clear to anyone watching his videos he is a kid pursuing music for the love it and while he may be young, his sound is mature. His voice and style reminds me Oliver mixed with Spooky Black. In his music video for the song “Vintage” he can been sporting Polo and pouring out Fiji, allusions to Yung Lean’ sadboy aesthetic which has undoubtedly influenced 6obby’s sound.

While 6obby may only be a teenager, his style is reminiscent of the vaporware scene which took over the internet in 2015. Compared to his contemporary, Matt Ox, He is far more melodic and talented. Matt Ox only raps about trite topics he has no experience with, such as gangbanging and violence, while 6obby produces content with lyrical substance, I wouldn’t be surprised if 6obby emerged in 2019 as one of game’s newest and youngest talents. Despite his age, his music is filled with adult themes such as drugs, anxiety and depression - obstacles most people encounter as they begin to enter into adulthood. However, 6obby doesn’t glorify these vices and diseases as most rappers do, instead he maturely warns people through his music that these drugs can’t null the pain or help him escape his troubles.

With over two million plays on YouTube on his song "Nobody” it’s clear 6obby has found a fan base who connects with message. As the current generation of SoundCloud begins to age, it good to know 6obby is close behind.