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9Tails departs in style on "Out my bag"

9tails has had an incredibly successful 2018. With his new record, he is ready to blow up out of the underground and emerge into the mainstream. “Out my bag” is different then 9tail’s usual work, it’s as catchy and infectious as any current pop record on the radio. 9tail is known for his versatility and being able to switch between singing, crooning and rapping on the record. On this record he blends together elements of lo-fi rap, boom bap hip-hop and alternative rock. There’s something for everyone in his vocals and production, this song appeal to all music lovers, not just underground heads.

Above is the cover art, designed by Scottysplash, of 9tail’s song “Out my bag”

Above is the cover art, designed by Scottysplash, of 9tail’s song “Out my bag”

The song begins with a somber yet dynamic tone. If 9tails keeps this up, he can truly take over the game next year as more than just a underground artist while still retaining the scene’s authentic DIY sound. 9tails is the full package, capable of recording, mixing, mastering and producing, there is no limit to how far he can go.

9tails frequently switches up his flow on this track making it difficult for his listeners to expect his next move. By keeping his music mysterious and unpredictable, he maintains a novelty to his sound. In an industry of artists who all sound the same, 9tail’s stands out as an artist unafraid to pursue new sounds even if it may alienate certain listeners. Aside from his vocals, the mixing on this song is top notch. The stutters in the chorus add to the production value of the track and and the numerous vocal layers fills the track with deeply buried energy making the song not only a pop banger but a chill relaxing tune for any occasion.

9tail’s has the work rate of a race horse and works more efficiently than his contemporaries, each song he releases is quality, a feat near impossible to achieve in the scene’s outrageously high demand for music. 9tails has shown with this song he cannot be pigeonholed into any specific genre. The frequent drops in the beat gives 9tails room to absorb the beat and emphasize his lyrical prowess. The artwork by Scottysplash is also well done, the lightning from the city erupting from the cover may symbolize the energy 9tails has brought to Toronto, a city known for it’s art.