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10cellphones isn't stressed on "Live 4 The Day"

10cellphones can’t stop heating up the internet. Yesterday he dropped off a special hit,  “Live 4 The Day” which is perhaps his best track yet. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, 10cellphones has brought the west coast G-Funk to the South. While known for dropping loud bangers filled with energy, this track is relaxed and laid back. It’s the perfect track to cruise around the city to while burning down a blunt. 10cellphones approaches the beat with a smooth flow, waiting thirty seconds before beginning to rap, an effect which leaves me wanting to leave it on replay.

This past year we’ve seen the reemergence of the G-funk sound with Shoreline Mafia’s glow up. However, 10cellphone's is doing something quite different by rapping over lofi g-funk, perhaps a new lane in the underground scene. In under 2 minutes 10cellphone's is able to showcase his versatility as a vocalist, able to rap over chill funk beats as well as hard 808 club hits.

I really hate me a stay at home hoe, stay at home hoe
I ain’t eve been afraid of sticks and stones
You can break my bones but you’ll never take my soul
— 10cellphones
Above is the cover art to “Live 4 The Day” by 10cellphones.

Above is the cover art to “Live 4 The Day” by 10cellphones.

The subject matter of “Live 4 The Day” is similar to 10cellphones’s previous tracks: whack bitches, big guns, and getting to the bag. He begins this track by talking about a bad bitch causing him problems and trying to use him for his popularity. 10cellphones quickly dismisses her anxiety and tells us he “hates hoes who only want you to put them on”.

Regardless, 10cellphones isn’t sweating the hoe, he knows he’s going to keep pushing and “living 4 the day” even if people around are giving him a hard time. “Live 4 The Day” is really a track about not getting caught up in making future plans or getting stuck in past experiences, 10cellphones wants us to  stay focused day to day and work slowly to accomplish our goals. It’s not a race. His delivery on this track is easygoing and keeps you nodding along to the groove. Watch out for this track to be a big one as we close out this year and move on into 2019.