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Convolk unleases energy on "you.wont.do.shit"

Convolk has begun this year with a massive hit “you.wont.do.shit” produced by the New Orleans native Max Taylor who has also had an impressive year, notching numerous productions credits under his belt and most recently collaborating with Beamon. The two come together on this massive track to bring a new sound and shows why Max Taylor’s instrumentals are in demand. Convolk and Max Taylor are touring together throughout Texas and Louisiana this month and this track by them is sure to cause a moshpit in every city they touch down.

Full of hate and rage, be glad I’m caged in
Lone wolf on the prowl
Might beat your face in
Pain and strain and anger that you placed
In-side of me
Inside of me
It’s tainted
— Convolk

The song almost reminds me of something Linkin Park would release except merged with Breaking Benjamin and modern day “emo rap” as some have dubbed it. Before dropping the song Convolk posted on Instagram that it was an experimental style, and indeed it is, he constantly switches cadences and flows throughout the song. As the song begins, Convolk tells the story of how his demon began to rise and compares himself to an animal on the prowl.

Above is the cover art of " you.wont.do.shit ” by Convolk and produced by Max Taylor.

Above is the cover art of "you.wont.do.shit” by Convolk and produced by Max Taylor.

When he is out in the world, doing his thing, everyone is too scared to approach Convolk yet they are quick to type insults behind his back on the internet. The same people who used to speak down on his name are now the same ones who have become his fans. He has made his name off “blood, tears, and sweat” while the ones who criticize have “amounted to nothing” which is why doesn’t take their opinions seriously. Convolk unleashes his energy and lets everyone know he is more then just a “sad boy rapper”.

The cover symbolizes the energy of the song. It features a demon in the sky spreading fire throughout the land and that demon is Convolk - those in his path should not underestimate him, the song has only been up for two days and has almost twenty one thousand plays. We are now in the midst of watching a hit explode, Convolk is turning into a star.