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Sosi opens up on "Old Days to New Ways"

Sosi has been around for the past two years and has never failed to impress me with her soft vocals and vulnerable lyrics. As “emo rap”, or whatever you want to call it, has continued to grow in popularity Sosi as well as her peers VelvetTears and Saphir have emerged as women at the forefront of the scene.

it’s hard not to look back
on all that i lost
i’m losing but holding
with all that i got
i’m breathing in wishes
you left and forgot
leave me with the trees
and i’ll lay here to rot
— Sosi

Sosi’s music sheds light on a side of SoundCloud that is often overlooked - a woman’s perspective on melancholy and desolation. In her song “Old Days to New Ways” she speaks about how even after a relationship is over she can still feel her lovers’s presence “in her ear” haunting her like a nightmare.

In a desperate attempt to free herself from the past Sosi keeps finding “new ways to fall” rather then the freedom she desires. Her words and song are a reflection on how difficult it can be for a woman or a man to regain her confidence after a break up. She doubts the power of her lover and reflects how “if your words could really kill [she] wouldn’t be here” but even though she has emerged from lover’s clutch Sosi still feels she cannot escape from the pain her significant other has caused her. Even though she wants to emerge from the breakup confident and whole the songs describes how after a breakup she feels as a part of her missing.

Above is a photo of Sosi.

Above is a photo of Sosi.

The trope of the spurned lover is common in most contemporary alternative rock but it’s refreshing to hear a woman’s point of view on the topic and present it from a differing perspective. The pain which the relationship has caused her to “waste time locked insider [her] mind” has paralyzed her sense of urgency. Even though she wants to move on from the pain and the experience of being in love she keeps “holding with all that i got” onto the memories as if her lover might change his mind. Despite it the stress the relationship has put on her, she is there in the last verse waiting for him to realize his mistakes and come back to her.

The song “Old Days to New ways” features beautiful production from Stranger and mixing by Kellbender. If your feeling hurt and nostalgic about a love which never worked out, try listening to Sosi.