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Drippin So Pretty realizes his potential on "True Love True Pain"

Drippin So pretty has evolved his style in the past few years - and for the better. I first heard of Drippin So Pretty when he released his song “Another Cup” with Lil Peep and the two complement each other nicely on the song. The other song from his catalogue which was similar to “Another Cup” was his song “Last Shot (Heroin)” which is a depressing track about how Drippin So Pretty is trying to get off heroin and how it has ruined his life. But besides these two songs and a handful of others, Drippin So Pretty’s style a few years ago was more trap rap then it was alternative rock. While his straight rap songs are also pretty good, they were never as good as his rock tracks and it’s good to see Drippin in the past year or so has realized what he does: singing heartfelt rock songs.

Above is the cover art of “True Love True Pain” by Drippin So Pretty.

Above is the cover art of “True Love True Pain” by Drippin So Pretty.

This album “True Love True Pain” is exactly what we asked for. It’s an entire album of just rock hits with Drippin So Pretty speaking candidly about his troubles over despondent and somber guitar tracks. Some of the songs on this tape which really caught my attention were “True Love” and “Take my thoughts away”. “True Love” features Charlie Schuffler on production and even though this song isn’t mixed as well as the other tracks on the tape it’s a classic Drippin track with a recognizable chorus, verse, chorus, bridge and final chorus structure which let’s Drip drive home the message of the song - Drippin knows he’s damaged but he seeks redemption for his mistakes.

It’s remarkable that even though Drippin has been in the game for at least three years this is his first proper album. But it’s not too late - in fact, this is the perfect time for him to drop the tape. 2018 was a productive year for Drippin where he was building momentum and perfecting his craft, diving deeper into his alternative sound. Now that his new tape “True Love True Pain” is out I’m sure plenty of new listeners begin to discover Drippin’s diverse catalogue and become instant fans of his sound and grungy aesthetic. Even though Peep is gone, Drippin is one of those artists which he worked with who is relentlessly keeping his vision alive and continuing to advance the emerging genre along with his collaborators from GBC which routinely produce for him. Perhaps what I also enjoy most about him is his creative name, in an age of lils’ and yungs’ it’s great to see someone with a unique name which stands out from the rest. I’m bullish on Drippin, I think his career is steadily gaining steam and I’m sure 2019 will be a momentous year for him.