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Lil Lotus connects with Nedarb on "Over It"

Know you got plenty of reasons for calling it quits
Swear I saw it all from the start
And if I’m so hard to believe in, then what are we doing?
What are you doing?
And it’s not hard (it’s not hard)
To just say what you’re wanting
It’s not hard (it’s not hard)
To call me back in the morning
— Lil Lotus

The song may be a few months old but this song hasn’t aged a bit and still has me singing the chorus. “Over It” is a single off his forthcoming tape “Bodybag 2” which is expected to drop sometime this year and the hype for the tape is real. Lotus has been around for a few years now and his brand of emo-punk is reminiscent of groups like Paramore and My Chemical Romance but his recent music is less instrumentally intense and more palatable for the average listener. Despite his renegade look Lotus’s music is vulnerable and and delicate, he has “plenty of reasons for calling it quits “ but he perseveres through the pain and finds beauty in the madness.

Above is the cover art of “Over It” by Lil Lotus.

Above is the cover art of “Over It” by Lil Lotus.

I really enjoy the quiet somber tone of Lotus’s recent tracks. His voice breezes over the smooth guitars and they are eerily peaceful yet disturbing at the same time, evoking images of despair as well as hope. When the music is stripped down to nothing but Lotus’s lyrics and an acoustic guitar there is the feeling of endless remorse as if the pit of anguish may never subside. “Over it” is a gloomy song, one which talks about unrequited love and how difficult it can be to say “what your really wanting” to a person you once loved but it’s also a song about letting go of one’s fears and embracing the unknown.

Lotus is one of the most consistent artists out right now, dropping song after song, each one seemingly as beautiful as the next. Lotus has never been afraid to hit high notes and switch up his style and if your a fan of GBC you will find Lotus is a complimentary artist to the “gothboi” sound but is in his own lane. Recently he spoke about how “he spent most of his life in the church” growing up and it’s easy to see how perhaps that experience pushed him away from religion and perhaps towards finding his own inner peace through art.